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Allergy-Free Permanent Electrostatic Filter
Electostatic Permanent Filter

Allergy-Free Permanent Electrostatic Filter


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Allergy-Free® Permanent Filters work electrostatically to filter air in your home effectively, economically and conveniently. These washable, reusable MERV 8 filters are a cost effective choice for many years of healthy air. Available in 22 sizes. Package contains one (1) filter.

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Washable and reusable , the Allergy-Free® Electrostatic Permanent Filters for furnace, HVAC or central heating and cooling system, work electrostatically to filter air in your home effectively, economically and conveniently. Allergy-Free's patented filter design features an intricate pleating pattern of 10 pleats per every 6 inches, which maximizes the filter's surface area to capture far more airborne particles than conventional filters. These washable, reusable filters carry a MERV 8 rating, and are a cost effective choice for many years of healthy air. Standard 1" thick filter is available in 22 sizes.  Box contains one (1) Allergy-Free Permanent Electrostatic Air Filter.


  • Patented permanent filter is washable for long-term cost savings
  • Intricate pleats in electrostatic media trap more particles down to 0.3 microns (MERV 8 rating)
  • Regular cleaning prolongs life of filter and ensures best performance
  • Rust-proof aluminum frame
  • Low air flow resistance
  • Made in USA
  • Available in 22 standard sizes

Important Note – Filter Dimensions

  • Please note that all Allergy-Free Permanent Electrostatic Filter are undercut by 1/8" in depth and 1/2" in width and length, for proper fit when installed. For example, a 12"x20"x1" filter will actually measure 11½" wide x 19½" long x ⅞" deep.

  • Unless you know the exact size of filter to order, it always helps to measure your existing furnace air filter carefully before ordering. If you do not have an existing filter, you can measure the frame opening where the filter will be installed.

Care Instructions for Allergy-Free® Electrostatic Permanent Filters:

  • Regular monthly cleaning prolongs the life of the filter and ensures its continued performance.

  • Trapped particles, dirt and debris are easily and effectively washed away with your garden hose outdoors or indoors in the sink or tub.

  • Allergy-Free® Filter Cleaner is recommended for optimal cleaning of your permanent filter to quickly break down built-up particles for rinsing with your garden hose.

  • If you do not clean your filter regularly, you will notice that its filtration abilities will diminish over time

  • If your filter is not performing at all or is performing ineffectively, it is probably clogged. Remove the filter and hold it up to the light. Wherever you see dark, patchy areas means that portion of the filter is clogged, and it must be cleaned.

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June 28
This is the third time I have order this item. They really last a long time.

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