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Dirt Stopper Household  Doormat

Dirt Stopper Household Doormat


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The first step toward a healthy home – Dr. Doormat Antimicrobial Dirt Stopper Doormat – permanently bonded antimicrobial treatment safely disables toxins the moment they come in contact with the mat's antimicrobial barrier. (House Size)

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Dr. Doormat starts working the instant your shoes touch it. Leave allergens, lead, pesticides, molds, bacteria, fungus, and other contaminants at the door to keep your home healthy and safe. Not only does wiping your shoes thoroughly (at least twice) on Dr. Doormat remove up to 90% of the dirt and debris on the bottoms of your shoes, but Dr. Doormat's permanently bonded antimicrobial treatment also safely disables toxins the moment they come in contact with the mat's antimicrobial barrier. Dr. Doormat is designed for indoor use, but may be used outdoors, if protected from the elements. Available in 4 colors.  2-Year Manufacturer's Warranty.

Box contains one (1) house-sized Dr. Doormat (24" x 36" x 3/8"). Smaller, apartment-sized Dr. Doormat (18" x 36" x 3/8") also available (sold separately).


  • How Dr. Doormat works:
    • Antimicrobial treatment creates positive charge to attract and hold negatively charged microbes
    • Antimicrobial treatment is infused into the yarn and cannot be tracked through your home.
  • What Dr. Doormat is made from:
    • Surface is a blend of high quality, stain-resistant, 25% recycled and 75% virgin polypropylene fibers
    • Bottom is a blend of recycled and sustainably obtained natural rubber (no rubber trees cut down)
  • What Dr. Doormat looks like:
    • Attractive bubble-pattern design on surface removes moisture and scrapes dirt off shoes
    • Raised, one-inch wide border traps dirt and water and gives a finished look
    • Rubber nibs on bottom keep doormat in place
  • House Size - 24" x 36" x 3/8", weighs 4 lbs
  • Made in the U.S.A.

Care Instructions:

Caring for your Dr. Doormat will help to prolong its looks and its effectiveness.

  • Dr. Doormat is designed for indoor use, and will last longer if it is used indoors. It can also be used effectively outdoors, provided it is protected from the elements.

  • Shake mat out on a regular basis.

  • Vacuum at least twice a week, especially when used in a high-traffic area.

  • Shampoo, if necessary. Mix 1/4 cup mild liquid detergent per gallon of lukewarm water. Gently brush mat by hand to remove stains. Rinse or hose down and allow to air dry. Steam or professional cleaning is also acceptable. Do NOT use bleach.

  • Dr. Doormat does not require retreatment. The antimicrobially treated surface is designed to last for the life of the product.

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