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Ogallala Hypodown Harvester 600 Fill Down Pillow

Ogallala Hypodown Harvester 600 Fill Down Pillow


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Ogallala Hypodown Harvester® 600 Fill Sleeping Pillows combines two of nature's most unique fibers for a tranquil, restful night's sleep. Hypodown® pillows are an original blend of clean Hungarian goose down and naturally hypoallergenic Syriaca clusters that have been tested by allergy doctors to be reaction free. Syriaca traps and suppresses any allergens in the down that might otherwise cause allergic reaction. And the Harvester's down-proof, double-layer cotton shell can help to block dust mites so allergy sufferers can finally rest easy and comfortably with comfort of down.

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Ogallala Hypodown Harvester® 600 Fill Sleeping Pillows are made by Ogallala Comfort Company – known for helping people sleep better when they use Ogallala's fine-quality, hypoallergenic down sleeping products. As Ogallala's put it, “We're more than just down…we're Hypodown®.” Ogallala's Hypodown 600 fill pillow is an ingenious blend of 70% better quality Hungarian goose down (75% down cluster ¹), and 30% Syriaca clusters.

Syriaca is a hollow, silky, floss-like fiber from the seed pods of the Milkweed plant. Grown throughout the U.S., the plant's untreated pods are harvested, cleaned and de-seeded without the use of chemicals. Syriaca is not a down filler. It helps make down more durable and breathable, and also regulates body temperature by wicking away moisture. Syriaca also traps and suppresses any allergens in the down that might otherwise cause allergic reaction. Additionally, the Harvester's down-proof, double-layer cotton shell can help to block dust mites. With proper care, ² Ogallala Hypodown® pillows should remain reaction free for years to come.

Available in Standard, Queen and King sizes in Soft, Medium or Firm.

The Harvester Hypodown® 600 Fill Sleeping pillow is covered in a 100% cambric cotton shell with built-in pillow protector (312 thread count outer fabric ‐ 260 thread count inner). The natural-color, down-proof cotton fabric is unbleached, undyed, and chemical free. The shell's double-stitched border is piped in cambric cotton. The amount of Hypodown stuffing used in each pillow (its fill weight) varies depending on the pillow's size and firmness:

Harvester Hypodown® 600 Fill Power Pillows
Size Dimensions Firmness Fill Weight (ounces)
Standard 20" x 26" • Soft
• Medium
• Firm
• 15 ozs
• 17 ozs
• 19 ozs
Queen 20" x 30" • Soft
• Medium
• Firm
• 19 ozs
• 21 ozs
• 26 ozs
King 20" x 36" • Soft
• Medium
• Firm
• 23 ozs
• 26 ozs
• 30 ozs

Not sure which firmness is right for you? See the Important Information tab for tips on choosing.


  • Uses patented Hypodown® in a 70/30 blend of better quality Hungarian goose down (75% down cluster ¹) and Syriaca clusters
  • 600 fill power provides a light, lofty, and comfortable pillow of very high quality
  • Hypoallergenic:
    • Down-proof, double-layer cotton shell can help to block dust mites.
    • Hypodown meets FTC standards for hypoallergenic
    • Hypodown is proven by allergists and their patients not to cause allergic reaction
    • Hypodown's innovative use of Syriaca clusters prevents allergic reaction from down
  • Syriaca clusters:
    • Make Hypodown naturally hypoallergenic
    • Naturally trap and stabilize down allergens so they can't escape to trigger allergies
    • Come from the Milkweed plant, grown in the U.S.
    • Are all natural, untreated, hollow floss-like fibers from the plant's seed pods
    • Are cleaned and de-seeded using only mechanical action and forced air
    • Are blended with down so the two become inseparable
    • Improve the pillow's overall breathability and durability
    • Help regulate body temperature by wicking away moisture faster than down alone
  • 100% cotton double-layer shell:
    • All natural cotton:  unbleached, undyed, chemically free
    • Thread count:  312 outer fabric; 260 inner fabric
    • Construction:  reinforced seams, double-stitched border, cambric cotton piping
    • Down proof:  fabric is calenderized (without using chemicals), which prevents leakage of down through the shell
    • Double layer:  eliminates the need for a separate allergen cover
  • Naturally dispels heat and wicks away moisture while you sleep
  • Available in Natural color – in standard, queen and king sizes in your choice of firmness
  • Manufactured in USA
¹ In addition to down clusters, some feather pieces and fiber will also be present in this product (but no quills). This is true for all down products from any manufacturer (including for the rarest, purest downs), and occurs because the mechanical process that sorts feathers from down is incapable of completely separating the two. For this reason, it is not legal in the United States for any manufacturer to claim a product to be 100% Down, All Down, or Pure Down.
² Care instructions provided by Ogallala can be found on the Care Instructions tab.


All Hypodown® pillows will cradle and support your head. But everyone's body is unique, and most tend to have a personal preference when it comes to the firmness of their pillow. If you're unsure what works best for you, picking the perfect firmness isn't always easy. The way you sleep, as well as your body frame and size are big factors in making a decision. Below are some general guidelines and "pillow rules of thumb" that can help you choose.

  • Soft – Offers the least support for head and neck, but lays a bit flatter than the Medium or Firm, putting less strain on the neck. A softer pillow generally works best for stomach sleepers for comfort, and to avoid neck strain. Soft is also good for people who prefer a deeper cradle feel for their heads, or those who like to cuddle, fold or crunch their pillows. Also a good choice for children, adolescents or petite grownups who like a soft pillow.

  • Medium – Offers more support for head and neck than the Soft. Works best for those who change positions during sleep to any combination of stomach, back or side. Also great for back sleepers because it bolsters the neck without flexing the head. Likewise a good option for children, adolescents and petite grownups who don't like a soft pillow.

  • Firm – Offers the most support for head and neck. Great for side sleepers because it helps keep the head, neck and spine in alignment. Also works best for taller individuals, and those with wider shoulders. Typically, the wider the shoulders, the firmer the pillow that's needed.


  • How is the Down Used in Ogallala Products Sanitized?

    Ogallala's down supplier uses an exclusive sterilization process, creating one of the highest-quality, natural goose down filling products today. Sterilization begins at the farm level, and next at its processing facility, where the down filling first undergoes an exclusive process to remove the fats, oils, dirt and debris naturally found in down and feathers. Final sterilization removes any residual bacteria or foreign matter. Last, down is sorted by quality into different grades, ensuring customers receive the right and best quality for their chosen bedding product. The process used to wash, sort and sanitize the down renders all of Ogallala's natural down filling material hypoallergenic under FTC standards.

  • Is there Any Testing Done on Ogallala Down to Assure its Quality and Cleanliness?

    Yes. Ogallala's down supplier has an on-site laboratory where dedicated technicians test all products, delivering results with accuracy and integrity. The lab performs a variety of tests to determine the quality of feather and down products, including: Content Analysis, Fill Power, Cleanliness, Average Feather Length, and Species Identification. The cleanliness tests, such as oxygen number and turbidity (how clean the down is), are performed to ensure the product is free of dust, dirt and foreign matter. Tests performed assure the down meets the hypoallergenic requirements set forth by the Federal Trade Commission.

  • Is the Process Used to Clean and Sanitize Ogallala's Down Environmentally Friendly?

    Yes. The process used to clean and sanitize Ogallala's down produces a 100% environmentally friendly product from start to finish. All of the by-products produced in the washing and separation process are biodegradable, including all of the detergents used to wash the feathers and down. The processing facility uses fresh, recycled water for each washing process, and strives to minimize its eco-footprint by recycling water and vigilantly looking to improve energy usage.

Fill Power – What It Is and Isn't:

NOTE:  Fill power and fill weight are not the same thing. Fill power and pillow firmness are also not the same. Read on for an explanation of what fill power is and how it relates (or doesn't relate) to a pillow's firmness and fill weight.

  • What Fill Power is – Generally, fill power is a measure of loft, warmth and quality. Technically, it is a measurement of the volume of space that one ounce of down occupies in cubic inches. The higher the fill power number, the greater the loft, ounce for ounce. For example, one ounce of 600 fill power down lofts to 600 cubic inches, while 700 fill power lofts to 700 cubic inches, and 800 to a lofty 800 cubic inches.

    The higher the fill power, the larger the down clusters (hence, the higher loft). So 800 fill power down has larger down clusters than 700 fill power, which has larger down clusters than 600 fill power, and so on. The larger the down clusters, the higher the quality of the down because it lofts higher, has better insulating power, provides a softer sleep, and lasts longer than smaller down clusters. Larger down clusters also mean a lighter pillow because fewer ounces are needed to provide greater loft.

  • What Fill Power isn't – Fill power is not a measure of firmness (e.g., soft, medium, firm). For example, an 800 fill power pillow is not firmer than a 600 fill power pillow. A pillow's firmness is dictated by the amount of weight in ounces (known as "fill weight") of down of a given fill power stuffed into the pillow to make it a Soft, Medium or Firm pillow. For example, a 600 fill power Soft pillow is exactly the same as a 600 fill power Firm pillow, except that the Firm has more ounces of down stuffed into it than a Medium, and a Medium more ounces stuffed into it than a Soft, to give it additional support.

    Also good to know is that because 800 fill power down has larger down clusters than 600 fill power down, less ounces of it are needed to become a Soft, Medium or Firm pillow than a pillow stuffed with 600 (or 700) fill power down. Likewise, because 600 fill power down has smaller down clusters, more ounces of it are needed to become a Soft, Medium or Firm pillow than a pillow stuffed with 700 or 800 fill power down.

Click here for Care Instructions on Ogallala Hypodown® bedding products.


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