Vacu-Filt™ Exhaust Filter

Vacu-Filt™ Exhaust Filter


Don’t have a vacuum with HEPA filtration, but want to reduce the dust, dirt and allergy-causing particles that fly into the air from your vacuum’s exhaust? Vacu-Filt™ Vacuum Exhaust Filters are electrostatically charged to trap allergens in your vacuum and keep these particles from blowing back into the air!

Within your vacuum’s compartment there is a grill through which air passes on the way to the vacuum’s exhaust. Vacu-Filt includes three (3) 8”x10” filters that you simply cut to size with scissors to fit over this grill.

Package contains 3 filters. Buy two packages (6 filters in total) and save $5.00!

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  • Effective at filtering out allergens and other particulates in canister and hard shell uprights
  • Less dirt, dust and allergens means better breathing, a cleaner home and a healthier home environment
  • Easy to install
  • Works for up to 12 weeks
  • Available in economical 3-pack (or save $5.00 when you buy 2 packages!)