Humidity Gauge

Humidity Gauge


Easy-to use Digital Humidity Gauge helps monitor levels of relative humidity so that you can take proactive steps to control mold growth and the dust mite population in your home. Dust mites, molds and mildew thrive in damp, moist, wet environments, so to control them, you must control the environment's humidity levels. To prevent mold and dust mite growth, humidity levels should be maintained between 35-40%. Consider using a dehumidifier if humidity exceeds these levels.

The Digital Humidity Gauge features:
  • 14 to 140 °F (-10 to 60 °C) temperature range
  • 10-99% relative humidity range
  • Memory feature with reset function that stores and recalls MIN/MAX readings for temperature and humidity
  • Temperature displayed in either °F or °C
  • Clock function with alarm displays 12-hour time with AM/PM indicators for °F, and 24-hour time for °C
  • Built-in stand for tabletop use
  • Wall mounting bracket
  • one 1.5V AAA battery
1-year warranty.

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  • Humidity and temperature gauge all in one
  • Digitally displays relative humidity, temperature and time
  • Memory records MIN/MAX readings
  • AAA battery included; low battery flag will appear when battery is low
  • Measures 2¾”W x 4¼”H
  • 1-Year Warranty