Airfree Air Purifier P1000

Airfree Air Purifier P1000

The Natural Solution For Air Contamination And Mold

Airfree's exclusive and patented Thermodynamic Sterilizing System (TSS) technology has been proven 99.99% effective in independent testing. The TSS process process uses heated air to. Read More

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Airfree P1000
Item# 351-1000

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Airfree's exclusive and patented Thermodynamic Sterilizing System (TSS) technology has been proven 99.99% effective in independent testing. The TSS process process uses heated air to destroy airborne mold, bacteria, viruses, dust mites, and pollen allergens. These air purifiers are silent, economical (no filters or UV bulbs to replace), clean, efficient, and ozone-free. Airfree is a great product for people living with allergies, asthma, or other respiratory conditions. The P1000 unit is perfect for rooms up to 450 sq ft. 2-Yr. Mfr. Limited Warranty.

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Extra Info

Benefits of Airfree Air Purifiers:
  • No Ozone!
    - The Airfree TSS technology generates no dangerous emissions, NO ions, NO UV light and NO ozone.
    - In fact, independent tests in laboratories in Sweden demonstrate that Airfree actually reduces ozone by 26%.
    - Ozone is a toxic gas that according to the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) can trigger asthma and destroy lung tissue.
  • Clean!
    No need to change dirty contaminated filters nor to clean dirty blades. For allergic people, contact with infected materials can be very harmful, possibly resulting in a severe allergic reaction.
  • Silent!
    - Airfree emits NO noise.
  • Economical!
    - No filters or UV lamps to replace! Replacement parts for other air purifiers may cost over $200 a year.
    - The natural Airfree TSS technology uses less electricity than a 50W light bulb and requires no replacement parts that cost hundreds of dollars a year.
  • Efficient!
    - Airfree has been tested in real working environments with credible ISO microorganisms such as mould spores, bacteria, viruses, and dust mite allergens that pass through its patented TSS, regardless of how hazardous or miniscule they might be.
    - Airfree's exclusive TSS technology completely destroys and eliminates all organic contaminants.
    - Airfree TSS™ technology uses heat alone to incinerate airborne microorganisms. No fiber-glass filters, triclosan-coated paper nor any type of material harmful to you or the environment when disposed of.
    - Airfree is the only technology that reduces ozone while simultaneously destroying microorganisms
  • Easy to install and use!
    - Just place Airfree on the floor and plug it into the nearest electric outlet. No need for constant maintenance or cleaning.
  • Safe!
    - No need to touch or change dirty and contaminated filters.
    - Electrical safety is assured by the CE and TUV Seals of Approval.
  • Faster Performance!
    - Microorganism reduction begins just 15 minutes after Airfree is plugged in.
  • Durable!
    - Airfree has a rugged and durable design with no moving parts, resulting in virtually no wear and tear.
  • State of the art!
    - New user-friendly warning sensor! Airfree's state of the art sensor warns users if their unit is improperly installed.
The strawberry test below shows clearly the difference an Airfree Air Purifier makes in controlling mold.


To see the Airfree Owner's Manual, please click here.

Tech Data

Airfree's Thermodynamic Sterilizing System (TSS) has been independently tested in “real life” working conditions by world renowned institutions and ISO 17025 laboratories in six different countries including the USA, Sweden and Germany. These tests prove that Airfree totally destroys up to 99.99% microorganisms that pass through the system, no matter how small or hazardous they might be.

Please click here to see results of independent testing.


Capacity: 450 sq. ft
Electric consumption: 45W
Voltage: 110 - 127V
Dimensions: height 10.4 in (26.5 cm) and diameter 8.4 in (21.5) cm
Noise level: Completely silent.
Weight: 2.4 lbs (1.09KG)