Aller-Cleanse Dry Cleaning Cloths

Aller-Cleanse Dry Cleaning Cloths


Aller-Cleanse Dry Cleaning Cloths are scientifically proven to extract allergens and other debris from non-washable items, like toys, jackets, decorative pillows and more. Aller-Cleanse is a totally unique and patented system of dry cleaning where specialized disposable cloths are added to the dryer to remove allergens.

An ultra-fine mesh of highly charged "electret" microfibers in the cloths work with the heat of the dryer to attract and trap allergens, with no perfumes, dyes or harmful residue to irritate skin or damage items. Electret fibers act like electrostatic magnets, and are highly effective at trapping allergens. They are used widely in other allergen-reducing products, such as in HEPA filters and Aller-Cleanse Dust Cloths.

Package of 10 disposable dryer cloths.

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Extra Info

Aller-Cleanse was developed by a mom of an allergic child who couldn’t find any products to remove allergens from beloved stuffed toys, jackets or decorative pillows that couldn’t be washed. With the help of a physician, she developed Aller-Cleanse Dryer Cloths as an innovative way to effectively solve this allergy problem. The inexpensive cloths do the work of trapping allergens, and are disposable for total convenience.

To use, simply add your item to the dryer along with a disposable Aller-Cleanse Dry Cleaning Cloth and tumble on medium heat for 20 minutes.


  • Patented disposable dryer cloths attract and trap allergens
  • Scientifically proven allergen removal without water
  • Ideal for non-washable items to remove allergens
  • Simple and inexpensive yet effective for allergy relief
  • Developed by a mom of an allergic child
  • Package of 10 disposable dryer cloths