DuroBlast Cordless Power Sprayer

DuroBlast Cordless Power Sprayer


The popular DuroBlast Cordless Power Sprayer is a handy tool that allows for nearly effortless spraying. This brilliantly innovative, easy-to-use product replaces traditional trigger sprayers that require manual pumping. The DuroBlast Cordless Power Sprayer is ideal for prolonged spraying applications because it significantly reduces finger and hand fatigue that you experience with mechanical pump sprayers. So one squeeze is all you need!
1-Year Mfr. Limited Warranty.

Extra Info

DuroBlast Product Notes:

  • The DuroBlast Cordless Power Sprayer can be filled with virtually any non-flammable liquid solution.
  • The 32-oz. refill container comes with a secure enclosure cap for easy storage.
  • You may also want to purchase additional containers to store other solutions you use often.


Each DuroBlast Cordless Power Sprayer comes with a rechargeable battery powered spray nozzle and a 32-oz. wide-mouth bottle for easy refilling.

The unit will dispense between 1 - 2 bottles on a single charge.

Simply keep it plugged into the wall when not in use so it's always ready to use.

The batteries are nickel-cadmium and designed to last for the life of the sprayer under normal operating conditions.