Pureguardian 100-Hour Ultrasonic Humidifier Model H-2000

Pureguardian 100-Hour Ultrasonic Humidifier Model H-2000


Our indoor home environment often gets so dry when outdoor humidity levels drop that we develop dry, itchy skin and nasal/sinus problems. The Pureguardian 100-Hour Ultrasonic Humidifier from Guardian Technologies can solve these problems by bringing indoor humidity back to a comfortable level again. Take advantage of this humidifier's many terrific features and nearly silent operation, and enjoy a more comfortable home environment again.

3-Year Mfr. Limited Warranty.

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Product Notes:

  • Silver Clean Technology: The water tank has been treated with a fungistatic agent to protect it from fungal and mold growth so the mist dispensed into the room is pure and clean. 
  • No added costs because there are no evaporating pads, filters or wicks to clean or replace.
  • Set the pureguardian Humidifier to either warm or cold humidification as desired, and set the humidity level, too.
  • The pureguardian H2000 will automatically adjust the room's humidity to your pre-set level.
  • Run time is up to 100-hours depending on atmospheric conditions, and a low water indicator light will even tell you when it's time to refill the water tank. 
  • This manual humidifier unit works effectively in a room size of 200 to 300 square feet.

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  • Be sure to monitor the humidity level with our temperature and humidity gauge so you won't over-humidify. For optimum dust mite and mold control, humidity should always remain between 40% and 50%.
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