Air-O-Swiss Hydro™ Stick

Air-O-Swiss Hydro™ Stick


The patented Air-O-Swiss 7017 Hydro™ Stick is the cornerstone behind the germ protection system of all Air-O-Swiss Humidifiers, including the Air-O-Swiss 7135 Ultrasonic Digital Humidifier sold by Allergy Control Products. Using the antibacterial effect of silver, the Hydro Stick prevents microbial growth from occurring in the humidifier’s water chamber base.

As silver ions are released into the water, the Hydro Stick discharges more from its internal storage, so you can always be assured your humidifier’s water is fresh and purified of contaminants.

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Extra Info

Use of the Hydro Stick helps to maintain the appliance and improves the life expectancy of the humidifier.

For use in Air-O-Swiss Dehumidifiers, Model Nos. AOS E2441, AOS 2055, AOS 2055D/AOS 2055A, AOS 7131, AOS 7133, AOS 7135, AOS 7142, AOS 7144, AOS 7145/AOS 7147 and the AOS U600/AOS U650.


To assure optimal microbial protection and water quality, change the Hydro Stick once per year. The replacement date can be written on the indicator sticker provided.

Refer to your owner's manual for placement of the Hydro Stick in your humidifier. You can also click here for images of how the Hydro Stick is positioned in the unit.

Note:  Remove the Hydro Stick from the water base if you are cleaning the humidifier with anything but clean tap water. Don't forget to reinstall the part in the water base once cleaning is done.


  • Replacement Hydro™ Stick prevents and controls microbial growth for up to one year
  • Fits all Air-O-Swiss Humidifiers
  • Works round the clock with water – even when your humidifier is turned OFF
  • Improves the life expectancy of your humidifier
  • No cleaning or maintenance required
  • Replace yearly to guarantee optimal microbial protection