BedCare TravelSafe Luggage Covers For Bed Bug Protection

BedCare TravelSafe Luggage Covers For Bed Bug Protection


No need to worry about bringing bed bugs home from a trip! When you use the BedCare TravelSafe Luggage Covers the chance of infesting your home with unwanted hitchhikers is greatly reduced. These handy bags are great for storage at home, too, to protect luggage, out-of-season clothing, and extra bedding from bed bugs, dust mites, moths, and dust.

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Extra Info

Product Notes:
  • Made from non-woven, nylon/polyester fabric that is impermeable to bed bugs and their eggs.
  • The BugShield patented zippered closure system incorporates a locking zipper tab and a fabric blocker under the zipper end to ensure complete protection.
  • Use When Traveling: Prevent bed bugs from hitching a ride in your luggage and possibly infesting your home. At the hotel, place your suitcase inside the TravelSafe bag to protect it and your clothing. On the way home, return your TravelSafe bag to the plastic carrying bag and close securely. Launder in HOT water immediately when removed from carrying bag (see care instructions below).
  • Use When At Home: If you have a bed bug infestation, use the TravelSafe bag to protect clothing and stored items such as bedding to prevent the spread of bed bugs. After treatment for the elimination of bed bugs, prevent re-infestation by using TravelSafe bags for storage. Use as a protective drawer liner or storage bag so that bed bugs or their eggs do not contaminate drawer, closet, or storage area contents.
  • Protection from Allergens, Dust, Moths as well as Bed Bugs: Store extra bedding, out of season clothing, and suitcases in the TravelSafe bag in closets or drawers for protection from dust mites, dust, moths, and bed bugs.


Care Instructions:
  • Keep the TravelSafe bag in a zipper-closure plastic bag when not in use.
  • After use, seal the TravelSafe bag in the plastic bag until ready to launder. Remove the TravelSafe bag from the plastic bag directly over the washing machine and wash in COLD water using an anti-allergen laundry detergent or laundry additive for allergy sufferers.
  • Dry on hot setting.
  • Do not bleach. Do not iron. Do not dry clean.
  • Close and discard the used plastic bag.
  • Place the TravelSafe bag in a new zipper-closure plastic bag when not in use.


Small Size Luggage Bag - 22" x 15" x 10"

Large Size Luggage Bag - 30" x 20" x 15"