Mitey Duster Cloths from Allergy Solutions

Mitey Duster Cloths from Allergy Solutions


Mitey Duster Dust Cloths are environmentally safe, washable, and reusable. These professional quality cloths use no contaminating chemicals or oils to attract dust like a magnet. As you wipe the cloth across the surface, millions of microsopic loops catch the dust. Mitey Dusters capture dust a cotton cloth misses because a mild, opposite static charge causes the dust to cling to the cloth. With Mitey Duster Cloths, you can get the job done right, the first time.
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Extra Info

Mitey Duster Cloths Are Great For:
  • general dusting
  • furniture
  • pictures
  • glass table tops
  • car dashboards
  • computer screens
  • televisions
  • fine china and heirlooms
  • musical instruments
Mitey Duster Cloths Capture & Hold:
  • dust of all kinds
  • pet hair
  • copy toner
  • pollens
  • dust mite, cat, and other allergens


Can be washed over and over without losing its ability to attract dust.
Wash with detergent and water. Air or machine dry at low heat. Do not wash or dry with anti-statics.

Tech Data

Pack contains 3 cloths. Laundered size is 12" x 18".


Mitey Duster Cloths - 3-Pack
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Mitey Duster Cloths - 3-Pack
Item# 80-3030

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