Honeywell Universal HEPA Filter 14"

Honeywell Universal HEPA Filter 14"


This replacement HEPA filter from Honeywell is your solution to low-cost HEPA filtration that keeps your air clean and healthy and your Honeywell air purifier performing at its best. Honeywell Universal HRF-14 and HRF-11 HEPA filters boast a permanent design that can be vacuumed twice a year, lessening the frequency of filter changes and saving money on costly filter replacements.

The HRF-14 HEPA Filter's universal design fits a variety of Honeywell's round air purifier models:

  • 2 HRF-14 filters needed for models 11520, 12520, 17200, 17400, 18150, 50150 and 50200 (original HEPA filter no. 21500, 22500 or 23500)
  • 3 HRF-14 filters needed for models 13520 and 50250 (original HEPA filter no. 24000)
  • 4 HRF-14 filters needed for models 50300 and 50310 (original HEPA filter no. 29500)
Package contains one (1) HEPA filter and one (1) foam gasket.
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Extra Info

Number of HEPA HRF-14 filters needed for Honeywell air purifiers sold by Allergy Control Products:


Vacuum the Honeywell Universal HRF-14 HEPA filter twice a year to remove allergen particles. This will prolong the life of the filter and ensure that your air purifier continues operating optimally. Frequency of vacuuming will depend on usage and concentration of contaminants in your air.

Filters easily install in the air purifier with the included gasket to separate them, if two are required.


  • True HEPA filter captures allergens and other particles with 99.97% efficiency, down to 0.3 microns
  • Low-cost, Universal HEPA filter saves you from expensive filter replacements, with proper care
  • Vacuum just twice per year to maintain efficiency
  • Fits a variety of round Honeywell air cleaners
  • Includes one (1) HEPA filter and one (1) foam gasket
  • Foam gasket used to separate HEPA filters in air purifiers that requires two or more HEPAs


Honeywell Universal HEPA Filter 14"
Item# 70-0014

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