Allergy-Free® Vent Filtration Kit

Allergy-Free® Vent Filtration Kit


Try the Allergy-Free Vent Filtration Kit for an easy and inexpensive defense against airborne allergens. This kit includes a large piece of filter media (14"x60") that can be cut to size and placed on top of or behind a vent grill to capture allergen particles before they can enter a room.

This is an especially ideal solution when you’re targeting a specific room to reduce allergens, such as a bedroom. Because not all vents in the home should be covered (so as to avoid any drain on your central heating/cooling system), covering the bedroom vent is typically the most effective way to find allergy relief in the room where the most time is spent.

Purchase a single kit or choose 3, 4 or 5 Vent Filtration Kits for a huge discount, plus savings on shipping costs with a one-time purchase.

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Extra Info

For a two-pronged approach to effective air filtration, use an Allergy-Free Aller-Pure Gold Permanent filter or an Aller-Pure MAX Disposable Filter on your home's central heating/cooling system to further trap allergens that otherwise circulate throughout your home.


The electrostatic filter media comes in a large 14” x 60” roll that can be cut to size to cover your vent grill dimensions.

Since the filter doesn’t need to be replaced for 4-6 weeks, this large-size roll provides long-lasting value. The filter stays in place with included Velcro tabs and goes on in minutes for ultimate simplicity.


  • Inexpensive and simple method for filtering air
  • Captures allergens before they can enter the room
  • Use to cover the most necessary vents for targeted filtration
  • Large filter media cuts to size for long-lasting value
  • Installs easily on top of or behind vent grill
  • Order 3 to 5 kits and save over 35%!