DermaTherapy™ King Pillowcases

DermaTherapy™ King Pillowcases


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For people with skin sensitivities, DermaTherapy relieves nighttime itching, scratching, burning and inflammation. Where other products can cause friction that irritate psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis and other skin conditions, DermaTherapy is non abrasive to the skin.

Unlike traditional sheets that use yarns in a cross-weave pattern, DermaTherapy uses a 100% nylon yarn in one direction with a 100% polyester yarn in the other. The result is a remarkably smooth fabric with no loose fibers that can chafe the skin.

Available in 20"x36" King Pillowcases only (package of 2), in a neutral off-white color.

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Extra Info

DermaTherapy fibers also wick away moisture to keep skin dryer, for a cooler, more comfortable sleep. An antimicrobial treatment maintains freshness, and a soil-release finish allows for easy removal of stains.

Tech Data

FDA-approved DermaTherapy is a Class 1 Medical Device for the treatment of itchy, inflamed skin, and dermatologists recommend these pillowcases for the therapeutic benefits they provide.

In clinical tests, DermaTherapy users reported huge improvements in the appearance and health of their skin and the quality of their sleep.


  • Ideal for people with sensitive skin, especially during the warmer seasons
  • Dermatologist recommended, clinically proven, and FDA approved
  • Smooth and super soft to minimize friction and skin inflammation
  • Patented fabric is uniquely woven - won't irritate or chafe the skin
  • Wicks away moisture for a drier, more comfortable night’s sleep
  • Available in 20"x36" King pillowcases (package of 2)
  • Neutral off-white color