Comforter Clips

Comforter Clips


Comforter Clips keep your comforter from shifting or bunching up within your duvet cover or allergy encasing. These easy-to-use Clips keep your comforter aligned with the corners of your decorative duvet to maintain your bed’s tidy, attractive presentation.

Clips are padded, so soft on the outside, and become invisible because they’re hidden inside your bedding. These Clips have a nice wide opening for a good grip and won’t harm your fabric.

Package contains 4 Clips and instructions.

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Extra Info

For people suffering from allergies, we recommend that you first encase your comforter with an Allergy Control® Comforter Encasing to block allergens, and then add your decorative duvet cover. For this configuration, you will need two sets of Comforter Clips – one to attach your comforter to the allergy encasing, and the second to attach the encasing to your duvet cover.


Easy to use:
  • Place comforter on bed.
  • Turn duvet cover inside out and place it on top of comforter
  • Clip one corner of the duvet to the comforter. Repeat on remaining corners
  • Turn duvet cover right side out. The comforter is now inside the duvet cover
  • If needed, adjust the cover on the outside by gently pulling on the corners


  • Each package contains 4 Clips and instructions
  • Quick and easy to use - just clip your comforter in place
  • Padded clips have extra wide opening and won’t harm fabric
  • Invisible from the outside– stays hidden inside
  • Utilize 2 sets of Clips for heavy comforters or when you use both an allergy encasing and duvet cover