Aller-Cleanse Dust Cloths - 8-pack

Aller-Cleanse Dust Cloths - 8-pack


Increase your cleaning power by wiping up to 5 times more dust and allergens with Aller-Cleanse Dust Cloths. Simple, yet effective disposable dust cloths are scientifically proven to clean better than traditional dust cloths. Highly charged "electret" fibers in the cloth attract and retain more dust, dirt, allergens and pet hair for cleaner surfaces. By trapping and keeping hold of particles, there’s less chance you will inhale allergens that aggravate your allergy symptoms.

Each generously 6”x12” sized cloth easily handles big cleaning jobs. You can also attach the cloth to sweepers, like the Swiffer, for dusting floors.

Package includes 8 dust disposable cloths.

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Extra Info

See the superior performance of an Aller-Cleanse Dust Cloth when you put it to use cleaning areas with heavy dust build-up. You won’t need any dust sprays, which can often contain heavy fragrances or fumes. Just wipe across surfaces, and watch dirt, dust and allergens disappear for a cleaner home.

Aller-Cleanse Dust Cloths were created by a mom with an allergic child. All Aller-Cleanse products (including these Dust Cloths and the Aller-Cleanse Dry Cleaning Cloths, available separately) are tested extensively to prove their performance.

Tech Data

Cloths are made from advanced "electret" fibers that are highly charged to attract more particles than traditional dusting cloths. This electrostatic charge also binds allergy-causing particles to the cloth, so they won’t be swept into the air while dusting.


  • Highly charged "electret" fiber cloth acts like a magnet to attract up to 5 times more dust and allergens
  • Scientifically proven to work better than ordinary dust cloths
  • Retains more dirt, dust, pollen, pet hair and more for a cleaner home
  • No dusting spray required
  • Package of 8 dust disposable cloths, each measuring 6"x12"