Aller-Ease Disposable Pillow Covers

Aller-Ease Disposable Pillow Covers


Protect yourself from allergens while away from home by taking along these disposable pillow encasings. Aller-Ease Disposable Pillow Covers are great for hotels, travel, camping, hospitals, sleepovers, and anywhere where others have previously used the pillow you will be sleeping on.

The Aller-Ease pillow encasing blocks allergens that exist in pillows, reducing your exposure to them and helping to prevent allergy symptoms caused by dust, dust mite allergens, pollen and other airborne particles found indoors. The encasing's membrane barrier provides additional waterproof protection in the event of spills. Made in El Salvador.

Package contains two (2) disposable Aller-Ease Pillow Covers.

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Extra Info

Encasing the pillow with a disposable Aller-Ease Pillow Cover is a great, hygienic option for covering hotel pillows, campground pillows, and any other pillow that has previously been used by other people.


Encasing the pillow takes just a minute. Just zip the Aller-Ease Pillow Cover over a pillow to protect you from inhaling allergens that may be in that pillow, and that otherwise would be in close contact with your face and airways.

Not washable. Discard after use.

Tech Data

  • Made from non-woven polypropylene, bonded to a membrane barrier backing
  • Includes heat-sealed seams and zipper closure
  • Specs

  • Disposable pillow encasing for hotels, travel, camping, sleepovers, hospitals and more
  • Protects against dust, dust mite allergens, mold spores and other airborne allergens
  • Non-woven polypropylene with membrane barrier backing
  • Membrane barrier offers waterproof protection
  • Heat-sealed seams
  • Zippered closure
  • Not washable - just throw out after use
  • Economical 2-pack on Sale for $2.99 - that's less than $1.50 apiece!
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