HEPA+ 3000 Air Purifier

HEPA+ 3000 Air Purifier


Welcome to our new line of HEPA+ Air Purifiers. The origins of the HEPA+ began some time ago, leading, today, to a product with unsurpassed ability to trap airborne allergens, purify the air in your home, and perform more efficiently than most other HEPA-rated purifiers.

Powerful 3-stage filtration includes: Stage 1: Washable Foam Pre-Filter removes large particulates and preserves the life of the HEPA. Stage 2: HEPA+ Filter captures 99.98% of particles as small as 0.3 microns, including dust mite and pet allergens, pollen, bacteria, mold spores, attached viruses, cigarette smoke and more. Stage 3: Activated Inner Carbon Filter removes chemicals and odors. Note: An optional VOC Filter upgrade is available for more powerful removal of harmful gases, odors and fumes from cleaners, solvents, paints and furniture (including formaldehyde).

The HEPA+ 3000 cleans air in a 20' x 20' room, completely changing air 8 times per hour. For smaller 12' x 12' rooms, we recommend the HEPA+ 2000 Air Purifier. Available in Sand (pictured) or Black. 13" Dia. x 21.5" H. 27 lbs. Casters included. Made in North America. 5-Year Warranty.

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Extra Info

Perfectly sized for medium to large-size rooms, HEPA+ 3000 air purifiers do not off-gas or use, emit or produce ozone, ions, aromas or electrostatics. The all-metal construction contains no VOCs and has a durable powder finish. The purifier's lightweight portability and pleasing design match up well with its excellent performance. The HEPA+ high efficiency, low power-draw motor is designed for continuous operation (run tested for 50,000 hours). A variable speed dial lets you quickly change fan settings from high to low.

The HEPA+ is completely sealed, so that 100% of dust and other particulates are captured and not leaked out or blown back into the air. Clean air is vented upwards to keep air circulating.


Filter changes are quick and easy - just remember to replace the washable Pre-Filter every 3 to 6 months, the Activated Inner Carbon Filter every 6 to 12 months, and the HEPA Filter every 2 to 5 years (depending on use).

Tech Data

To view the HEPA+ Air Purifier Owner's Manual, please click here.


  • Features 16 years of improvements, culminating in the very best purifier on the market today
  • HEPA+ far outperforms other air purifiers, filtering 99.98% of particles. down to 0.3 microns (surpassing the HEPA spec of 99.97%)
  • Cleans air in a 20' x 20' room (about 400 sq ft) , with 8 complete air changes per hour
  • Long-life HEPA filter lasts up to five (5) years
  • Washable pre-filter can be reused
  • Optional Carbon VOC filter available where removal of heavier gases, fumes and VOCs is a priority
  • Quick and easy filter changes
  • Energy efficient motor, designed for continuous operation
  • Variable speed dial for fan
  • Durable powder finish
  • Casters for easy portability
  • Available in Sand (pictured) or Black
  • Measures 21.5" H x 13" Diameter
  • Weighs 27 lbs
  • Made in North America
  • 5-Year Warranty


HEPA+ 3000 Air Purifier - Black
Item# 712-3100

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