Amaircare Annual Filter Kit for AirWash Whisper 350 or 675

Amaircare Annual Filter Kit for AirWash Whisper 350 or 675


Annual Kit includes a replacement Pre-Filter for the Amaircare AirWash Whisper 350 or 675 Whole Home Air Filtration System. The Pre-Filter is the first stage in a 3-stage filtration process that removes airborne allergens, pollutants and contaminants so that you can breathe cleaner, fresher air. The main job of the Pre-Filter is to trap larger particles that come from dust, dust mite allergens, pet dander, pollen, and some VOCs, like sooty vehicle emissions.

The Pre-Filter, which stretches around the purifier's HEPA Filter, helps to extend the life of the HEPA, which is the second stage in the purifier's filtration process, and whose job it is to capture and retain much smaller particles.

The replacement Inner Carbon Filter is the third stage in the purifier's 3-stage filtration process. The main job of the Inner Carbon Filter is to absorb noxious odors and VOCs that are emitted into your home from household materials and cleaning products, such as paints, perfumes, glues, plastic, household cleaners, furniture, carpets and more!

Annual Kit contains one (1) Pre-Filter and two (2) Inner Carbon Filters.

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Filter Replacement:
  • The foam Pre-Filter can be hand washed, air dried and re-used to extend its service life. Replace once a year or sooner if the filter becomes damaged or overly soiled.
  • The Inner Carbon Filter should be replaced every 6 months
Both the Pre-Filter and Inner Carbon Filter are easy to replace, and this kit will ensure that your purifier runs at its best for one year!


  • Kit includes replacement filters for the Amaircare AirWash 350 or Amaircare AirWash 675 to keep either unit running at maximum efficiency for one year
  • Washable Pre-Filter (1 included) captures large airborne particles and extends the life of the HEPA Filter
  • Inner Carbon Filter (2 included) absorbs harmful chemicals and gases from the air in your home
  • Pre-Filter and Inner Carbon Filter are easy to change
  • Made in North America