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Safeguard Replacement 24-44" Window Filter Cartridge 11" Tall

Safeguard Replacement 24-44" Window Filter Cartridge 11" Tall

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Replacement Safeguard Window Filter Cartridge is 11" tall and adjusts from 24" to 44" wide to replace the filter that comes in the Safeguard Style #1144 Adjustable Window Screen Filter. The window screen that filters allows allergic people to finally keep their double-hung windows open and enjoy pollen-free air.  Package includes one (1) filter cartridge.

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Works with Models:   Safeguard 24-44" Adjustable Window Filter 11" Tall - Style #1144

When it's time for a change - Safeguard 24-44" Replacement Filter Cartridge 11" Tall - Part # VC1144, replaces the expandable filter cartridge that comes in the Safeguard 11" Tall Adjustable Window Filter, Style #1144. A Safeguard window filter lets people allergic to pollen open their windows and enjoy pollen-free air. The filter keeps out dirt and dust, and is 94% efficient at trapping ragweed pollen. Coated, baffled filter slows down incoming air to increase filtration efficiency, while reducing outside noise and keeping out wind, rain and snow, all in one easy-to-change filter. Replace filter every year or when it becomes discolored due to particle collection.  Package includes one (1) Safeguard 24-44" Adjustable Filter Cartridge 11" Tall.


  • Unique window filter ideal for people allergic to pollen
  • 94% effective at capturing ragweed pollen
  • Also traps dust, dirt, soot and ash
  • Keeps out wind, rain and snow
  • Baffled filter design made of durable poly-fiber
  • Easy installation using just a Phillips head screwdriver
  • Change filter cartridge once a year, depending on conditions

Filter Cartridge Replacement

Click here to view full instructions for replacing the Filter Cartridge in Safeguard Window Filters.

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