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Sticky Critter Reusable Lint Roller

Sticky Critter Reusable Lint Roller

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The reusable Sticky Critter Washable Lint Roller quickly and efficiently roll away lint, dust and pet hair.

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The Sticky Critter Washable Lint Rollerwill quickly and efficiently help you to roll away any unwanted lint, dust and pet hair. This lint roller is unlike any other. It comes with a handle that extends up to 44 inches. The lint roller can also be cleaned and used over and over again. Please keep the lint roller out of the direct sunlight for it to last longer. The average life or a Sticky Critter Lint roller is about a year if the roller is washed after each use, and covered back as directed. With this long extended handle it allows you to be able to reach places such as carpets, furniture, drapes, stairways and more. This lint roller can be used not only for household items but also for clothing and car interiors too! It also comes with a plastic cover case to store while not using. The Sticky Critter Reusable Lint Roller is unlike other lint rollers this can be used over and over again!


  • Stickiness can be refreshed simply by washing the roller with a mild detergent
  • Always keep covered when not in use
  • The life of the roller is about a year if washed after each use
  • Keep out of sunlight

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