Encase Your Bed


Step 1 - Encase Your Bed

Encasing your bed is the single most important step in controlling your exposure to indoor allergens at home. You spend up to 8 hours a night in your bed, so the bed is the best and most physician-recommended place to start. Mattresses, pillows and comforters provide a thriving environment for dust mites. There are up to 1 million dust mites living in any bed, waiting to feast off your dead skin cells, and causing you allergy symptoms with the fecal matter they leave behind. ICK!

Encasings zip around your bedding like a sealed envelope and act as a barrier to keep you from breathing in allergens and, depending on the encasing, to also protect you from bed bugs that can infest bedding. For complete protection, encase your pillows, mattress, box spring and comforter. Our Cotton Performance and Pristine Complete encasing lines provide protection against dust mite allergens, pet dander and bed bugs. Our Micro Protection membrane encasings offer a less expensive alternative for protection against dust mites and pet allergens.

Please refer to our Allergy Control Encasings Chart, which details all the key benefits and features of our encasing lines.

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