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3M Home Dust Masks 8662ES - 15-Pack

3M Home Dust Masks 8662ES - 15-Pack

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Lightweight, 3M Home Dust Masks 8662ES provide quick, disposable protection from common irritants when doing projects around the home or yard. Latex free.  Package contains 15 masks.

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3M™ Home Dust Masks 8662ES - 15-Pack, for airborne allergen protection in a lightweight, disposable mask when doing projects around the home or yard. 3M's patented filter media is more than 90% efficient at filtering particles of all sizes, shielding against the many nuisance-level irritants commonly found in most households. Allergy specialists recommend wearing a mask while doing certain chores indoors or out. This 3M mask keeps you from breathing in heavy doses of dust, mist from sprays, airborne allergens, and more that can set off sneezing and other respiratory distress.  Package contains 15 masks.

These masks are not NIOSH approved.


  • Soft metal nosepiece contours to adjust closely over the bridge of the nose
  • Non-woven filter material conforms to facial features
  • Elastic straps fit comfortably over the ears
  • Good for one or two uses each - not washable
  • Latex free

Click here for Fitting Instructions for 3M™ Filtering Respirators.


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