AC Adapter for MicroAir NE-U22V Nebulizer

MicroAir AC Adapter (Model U22-5) is an optional accessory to power Omron's MicroAir NE-U22V Nebulizer.
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Works with Models:  Omron MicroAir® NE-22UV Nebulizer

This product provides relief from: Asthma

Optional MicroAir® AC Adapter (Model # U22-5) is an optional accessory that allows you use your home's electricity to power Omron's MicroAir NE-U22V Nebulizer instead of batteries. Just click the Nebulizer onto the AC Adapter's built-in Connection Stand and plug the other end of the adapter into an electrical outlet. No need to remove any installed batteries because the Nebulizer will not draw power from batteries while the AC Adapter is in use. To disconnect the Nebulizer from the AC Adapter just press the sides of the Connection Stand.  Box includes one (1) MicroAir® AC Adapter with cord band.


  • Optional AC Adapter for use with the Omron MicroAir® Nebulizer
  • Used to power the nebulizer’s main unit instead of batteries
  • Nebulizer will not draw power from installed batteries when AC Adapter in use
  • Nebulizer easily connects to/disconnects from the AC Adapter’s Connection Stand
  • Cord Band (included) keeps AC Adapter's power cords tidy when storing
  • 120V, 60Hz, 6W

Directions for Use:

Please see the Owner's Manual tab for full instructions on the MicroAir® NE-U22V Nebulizer, including the AC Adapter.


  • Use only the AC adapter designed by Omron for the MicroAir Nebulizer. Use of any other AC adapter may damage the device.

  • There is no need to remove the batteries when using the AC Adapter. The MicroAir Nebulizer will not draw power from the batteries when the AC Adapter is used.

  • The AC Adapter does not function as a battery charger.

  • Be sure to disconnect the AC Adapter's power plug from the electrical outlet prior to connecting or disconnecting the MicroAir Nebulizer to/from the AC Adapter's Connection Stand.

  • To prevent damage to the MicroAir Nebulizer, do not allow any moisture to contact the electrodes on the AC Adapter Jack on the Main Unit of the Nebulizer itself or on the AC Adapter Connection Stand.

Click here to view the Instruction Manual for the Omron MicroAir® NE-U22V Nebulizer, including instructions for the AC Adapter.


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August 14
Works very well. Connects securely. Saves batteries.
February 10
Nice addition; saves working about batteries.
January 21
A nice option when you don't want to run all of your batteries down.