ADS Anti-Allergen Dust Spray

Allersearch® ADS™ Anti-Allergen Dust Spray neutralizes dust mite allergen and pet dander in carpets and upholstery. The unscented, non-toxic solution is safe for people, pets and the environment. 32-oz pre-mixed spray treats about 600 sq ft. 32-oz pre-mixed spray treats about 600 sq ft.
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This product provides relief from: Dust Mites, Mold & Mildew, Pet Dander

Neutralize allergens with Allersearch® ADS™ Dust Spray. ADS is a very effective, medically proven spray that neutralizes allergens on contact in rugs, carpets and soft furnishings for up to three months.

Many people suffer from dust mite allergies. The most allergenic part of a dust mite is the by-products of its waste. These by-product particles, as well as pet dander and pollen, are microscopically small, and easily kicked into the air off carpeting just by walking across it, or off soft furnishings just by handling or sitting on them. Allergenic particles stay airborne for long periods of time. Eventually, you inhale them, where they can trigger allergic reactions such as sneezing, wheezing, runny nose and itchy eyes.

Allersearch®ADS contains tannic acid as its active ingredient, which neutralizes allergens from dust mites, pet dander, pollen and mold that can build up in your home. With Allersearch ADS, you can stop your carpet and soft furnishings from being a leading source of allergy symptoms. Non-toxic and virtually odorless, Allersearch ADS is safe for people, pets and the planet.

Allersearch ADS comes in a 32-oz spray bottle to treat about 600 sq. ft. Also available in a one-gallon refill bottle to treat approximately 2400 sq. ft. (sold separately).

To obtain optimal treatment benefits, use ADS together with Allersearch® X-Mite® Anti-Allergen Carpet Treatment.

Features and Product Notes:

  • Allersearch ADS is one of the most recommended environmental controls recommended by allergy specialists
  • A mild, natural 3% tannic acid solution, ADS is proven to be medically effective in neutralizing and dramatically reducing dust mite particles and animal dander for up to 90 days, rendering these allergens harmless
  • Unscented
  • Non-toxic solution is safe for people, pets and environment
  • Use only on water-safe items
  • NOT recommended for use on white or light-colored carpets or materials (choose Allersearch ADMS instead) ∗
  • Ready-to-use, 32-oz spray bottle treats about 600 sq ft
  • For best results, reapply every 90 days
∗    The manufacturer has indicated that, used according to its Directions for Use, Allersearch ADS has not been found to stain carpets, but cautions to test Allersearch ADS in an inconspicuous area before treating any surface.


Tanacetane™ low molecular weight tannic acid complex, and polyphenols of tannic acid in an aqueous solution, 1,3. Tannic acid is a natural, non-toxic product found in oak bark, coffee, tea, cocoa and red wine.


Click here to see the MSDS for Allersearch ADS.

Directions for Use:

Allersearch ADS is ready to use right out of the bottle. The 32-oz. spray will cover 600 sq ft. The gallon refill (available separately) will treat approximately 2400 sq ft. For best results, reapply every 90 days.

Use Allersearch ADS on:

  • Soft Surfaces, such as carpets, rugs, stuffed chairs and sofas, and other soft furnishings.
  • Hard Surfaces.

Do NOT use Allersearch ADS on:

  • Water-sensitive materials such as silk, Haitian cotton or any material that is not water safe.
  • White, off-white or light-colored carpets* or materials (choose Allersearch ADMS instead).

    ∗    The manufacturer has indicated that, used according to its Directions for Use, Allersearch ADS has not been found to stain carpets, but cautions to test Allersearch ADS in an inconspicuous area before treating any surface.

Treatment Application - Soft Surfaces:

Spray a fine mist of ADS to dry surface in enough quantity to dampen the external surface fibers of the item being treated. Allow treated surface to dry for approximately 3 hours. Once surface is dry, vacuum to pick up any excess residue. ADS should be applied every 90 days to keep allergen levels to a minimum. For optimum effectiveness, use ADS in conjunction with Allersearch X-Mite dry carpet treatment for allergens.

Treatment Application - Hard Surfaces:

Treat hard surfaces for allergens by dampening a dust cloth with ADS, or spray a fine mist on surface and wipe with a dry cloth.


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February 23
Been using for years great priduct
February 17
Have suggested these 2 products to my clients who also suffer from dust mite allergies. Thank you for your help. Sandra
June 22
It did not work the first time. I will try respraying tomorrow.
May 28
Have used on apartment carpet but am not sure if it is getting rid of the dust mites.
This product is absolutely amazing. I used this product in all rooms but one to test the difference in dust collection in the rooms. To my surprise I can honestly confirm that the rooms in which Allersearch was used had less dust accumulation. Here in TX that is what we call a miracle.
If reviews are important to you as they are to me, then do your research and read reviews of a variety of products. You will come back for this product. This is a full five star product, and I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone. I used this at home and in my office. I had some reservations, but the results were really surprising. The claims are right on - it does what it says. Dust was noticeably and significantly reduced, and my allergy symptoms improved dramatically. I will be ordering this routinely and my only regret is not ordering it sooner! Do yourself a huge favor, and don't wait to order. You will be happy you did.
I haven't paid attention to the dust accumulation aspects of the products so much as the effectiveness in it's reduction of allergy symptoms my husband has as he is extremely allergic to dustmites. The day before I apply this product, he gets very stuffy and can barely breathe when he comes home from work and sits on the sofa or lays down to bed. After I've sprayed the product throughout our bedroom, in the livingroom and on the sofa, he doesn't get stuffy at all. The difference is nearly miraculous. Definitely a two thumbs up, five star recommendation for ADS.
Haven't been able to use the product yet as they sprayer it came with did not work