Smart Touch Disposable Vinyl Gloves 100-Pack

Made by SmartPractice the multi-use disposable Smart Touch Vinyl Gloves are non-latex and powder free. These ambidextrous disposable gloves are great for indoor cleaning and outdoor projects. Box of 100 gloves available in medium or large.
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This product provides relief from: Sensitive Skin

Single-use Smart Touch® Disposable Vinyl Gloves - Box of 100 are a non-latex and powder-free vinyl glove. Used by schools, daycare's, food service personnel, factories, and more, these convenient, waterproof gloves are just as popular at home as they are at work. Smart Touch® gloves are resistant to many allergy-causing irritants like detergents, bleach, cleaners, paint, or chemicals¹ that most of us touch at work or in and around the house. Use with confidence to protect sensitive skin when dusting, household cleaning, handling food items, working on crafts, and outdoor projects. Available in Medium or Large.  Box contains 100 Disposable Vinyl Gloves by SmartPractice® .


  • Disposable vinyl gloves help to protect hands at home or work
  • Made by SmartPractice®, maker of dermatological health care products
  • Made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) manufactured without chlorine
  • No allergenic vulcanizing chemicals
  • Medical-grade, non-sterile, and single use
  • Latex-free and powder-free²
  • 100 ambidextrous gloves per box


  1. Components used in making vinyl gloves may cause allergic reactions in some users. Not intended for use as a general chemical barrier.
  2. Residual powder content is less than 2 mg per glove.

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I have sensitive skin and these gloves are perfect for me. They fit much better than the usual gloves found in stores. They are not powdery or stiff. I use them for cleaning and for dishes. I use hot water for dishes and they are substantial enough to protect from the heat. I highly recommend these to anyone wanting protection for their hands while doing household chores.
I have used these gloves for washing dishes and cleaning for years and they are much better for my skin than ordinary household gloves. It is necessary to use the cotton liners to absorb moisture inside the gloves. At first they didn't last long, but as I got used to handling things carefully I've had some pairs that lasted for months.
I bought these gloves, as I have a hard time with any kind of latex, and so I was putting my hands in water all day long doing housework. My hands are thanking me for these gloves. They are excellent!! I can't say enough. They never cause condensation inside the glove, and my hands are as dry as when I put them in there. My nails are starting to heal back nicely. I would recommend this product to everyone, whether you are allergic to latex or not.
These gloves fit well and are fairly heavy duty. Since I can't use rubber gloves these are a great alternative. My only complaint so far is they got stained when I was washing my cutting board that I had used for carrots. But since I'm using that pair for washing dishes, it's OK that they're stained as long as they hold up well.
These gloves are better than the disposables. Fit good with the cotton igloves nsert. I like them because are smooth and easy to move your fingers for doing the cleaning in my home. T
Pros: supple and flexible, no strange odors, and a nice alternative to latex Cons: much too thin for dishwashing, punctured after the very first use, VERY slippery when wet, unlined
These vinyl gloves are the best latex free option currently on the market for protection when cleaning or washing dishes in hot water. But, they do not last long for me.
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