Allerderm Seamless Cotton Gloves

Allerderm Seamless Cotton Gloves are perfect for dry, cracked skin and can be used with your favorite hand lotion for overnight skin therapy. Also the perfect gloves to use as a liner when housework calls for vinyl outer gloves. Latex free. Available in small, medium or large. 3 pairs per package.
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This product provides relief from: Sensitive Skin

Allerderm® Seamless Cotton Gloves are soft, roomy and comfortable. Seamless construction feel very good on the hands. Ideal for those with sensitive, irritated or damaged skin are all natural unbleached cotton. Pair Allerderm cotton gloves with your favorite hand lotion for overnight skin therapy or use as a liner when housework calls for vinyl outer gloves. Can also be worn for hand protection while doing dry work, like organizing a closet, sorting paperwork or shelving books. Gloves are lightweight, breathable and absorbent. The extra long 11" gloves contain no latex, including in the elastic around the cuffs. Washable and reusable. Available in Small, Medium or Large.  Package contains three (3) pairs of Allerderm® Seamless Cotton Gloves.


  • 100% natural, unbleached cotton gloves protect hands and reduce irritation
  • Made by Allerderm®, maker of dermatologic health care products for more than 20 years
  • Seamless construction is gentler on the hands
  • Lightweight, breathable and absorbent
  • Cold water washable and reusable
  • Latex free

Care Instructions:

Wash your Seamless Cotton Gloves gently in cool water. Air dry.


Rated 4.61 out of 5 based on 13 reviews.

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Excellent for use with hand cream while sleeping to soften hands.
Excellent for wearing with creams for hand psoriasis or dermatitis. They seal in the moisture and make hands less likely to peel, itch or crack. The seamless feature is great as there is no irritation of skin where the cuffs touch. A wonderful product!!
I use these gloves while cleaning as I wear out my skin on my left thumb. They work.
These gloves are the best gloves I found for my hands. I am very happy that I found a store like yours. For a long time I tried to find gloves like these. Great for use in the house. Longer in the cuffs. Really GREAT!!!
My hands are very dry and cracked due to chemotherapy. I have been searching for gloves like these so that I can moisturize my hands overnight. These gloves are great and I am so happy I finally found them! They are soft and easy to put on. They are a little bit too fault. I should have ordered small instead of medium.
I have skin that cracks and bleeds and is painful. These gloves plus wearing vaseline on my hands at bedtime had helped tremendously.Good product. Thanks
Gloves are perfect for wearing after applying cream to hands. These wash beautifully and hold up very well.
These gloves are wonderful. I have had mine since March 2011, and the first pair is only now starting to wear out. Love the longer cuffs! I wear the gloves while doing dishes, and for night-time hand lotion treatment. Excellent price, excellent product.
These gloves are good to wear overnight and I like the cuffs on them, though I ordered a size too big for me. I tend to need larger hats, etc. so thought I would need the medium but the fingers are very long and the gloves are plenty big. I'm continuing to use them for now, but next time I'll order small!
I purchased these in March and use them 4x week under my work gloves. It's now August and they are splitting apart between the thumb and index finger, and also around the wrist seam. For the months I was able to use them, I was happy with the results because they prevented my hands from becoming irritated. However, I was hoping for longer-term relief.
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