AllergyZone 4-Pack Furnace Filters

AllergyZone Furnace Filters for allergy sufferers have a Filter Quality Triangle rating of 12, indicating superior performance in three areas essential to healthy indoor air quality. Replace quarterly for best performance. Available in six (6) sizes.  Package of 4 filters.
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Developed by an allergy and asthma physician, AllergyZone Furnace Filters - 4-Pack, carry the manufacturer's Filter Quality Triangle rating of 12, indicating superior performance in three areas crucial to healthy indoor air quality: air flow, efficiency, and holding capacity. AllergyZone filters are 95% efficient at removing small airborne particles that trigger allergy and asthma symptoms, and provide excellent air flow and particulate retention over the life of the filter. AllergyZone high-efficiency filter provides excellent overall performance at a cost of just pennies a day. Replace every 3 months for best performance. Standard 1" thick filters available in six (6) sizes.  Sold in packs of 4 filters.


  • Doctor-designed, whole-home furnace filter proven effective in clinical trials
  • Combines electrostatic and mechanical filtration to remove 95% of harmful allergens
  • Economical 4-pack of disposable filters for up to a year of filtration
  • Replace filter every 3 months for best results
  • Available in six (6) sizes

Installation Instructions:

  • Please follow installation instructions provided on the filter's packaging.

When to Replace the Filter:

  • An air filter's actual effectiveness in reducing allergens in the home depends on several factors, including how much air the filter processes, the nature and type of the allergens it is processing, and the rate at which the allergens are being introduced into the home.

  • Replace filter every three months, with normal use. At the beginning of each season is a good way to remember.
Sorry, AllergyZone Filters cannot be shipped to PO boxes or military addresses. Usually Ships in 1‐2 Business Days Direct from the Manufacturer

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