Aprilaire 1852 Free-standing 95-Pt. Whole Home Dehumidifier

Aprilaire's newest model, the 1852 (formerly the 1850F) whole home dehumidifier is designed for basements, crawlspace, mechanical closet, or whole home to efficiently remove excess moisture. Aprilaire dehumidifiers not only reduce relative humidity, but also increase cooling efficiency and reduce mold and mildew. The Aprilaire 1852 model is designed for horizontal or vertical discharge and now includes inlet and outlet duct collars.
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This product provides relief from: Dust Mites, Mold & Mildew

All homes need humidity control. Aprilaire offers Whole-Home Dehumidifiers that meet your needs and are suitable for every home.The lighter, more compact and newly redesigned Aprilaire 1852 Dehumidifier (formerly the 1850F) is perfect for the dehumidification of basements, crawlspaces and sealed attics up to 5000 square feet. The new 1852 model now includes an inlet duct collar and outlet duct collar for horizontal or vertical discharge and can be ducted in mechanical closets to HVAC system, to whole home, or in basements to pull air from and return dehumidified air to the HVAC return duct or to discharge to the supply duct. The 1852 removes up to 95 pints of moisture per day!


  • Can be placed in a basement, crawlspace, or condominium/townhome utility closet
  • Includes inlet and outlet duct collars for horizontal or vertical discharge
  • Designed for ducting in basements, to HVAC system in mechanical closet, or to whole home without an air handler
  • Rigorous reliability and durability testing, assures high-quality performance
  • Automatic humidity sensor
  • Built-in, easy to use control
  • Quiet and low-maintenance – requires simple twice a year filter cleaning or replacement
  • Automatic humidity sensing:  allows for better whole-home monitoring and control of humidity
  • Fresh air ventilation:  automatically removes or dilutes polluted air

Specifications for Aprilaire Model 1852 95-Pint Whole Home Dehumidifier (with Casters)


• Make and Model Number: Aprilaire 1852
• Dehumidifying Capacity: ¹ 95 pints per day (ppd)
• Recommended For: Basements, crawl spaces, sealed attics, equipment closets, etc.
• Coverage: up to 5000 sq. ft.
• Energy Factor: ¹ 2.2 L/kW-h
• Energy Star Qualified: No
• Airflow @ varying external static pressure ‐ dry coil: 245 CFM @ 0.0" w.c.
• Voltage, Phase, Frequency: 120 VAC, 1, 60 Hz
• Current Draw: ¹ 8.0 Amps
• Sound Level: 60 dBA
• Dimensions (cabinet only): ² 14.5" H x 12.5" W x 27.5" L
• Weight: 70 lbs
• Air Filter: Washable MERV 8  (Aprilaire part # 5499)
• Refrigeration: R-410A
• Duct Collars Included: Inlet and outlet duct collars included
• Cabinet Insulation: 1/2" EPS
• Inlet Operating Conditions: 50°F‒104°F, 40°F dew point minimum
• Ambient/Ventilation: 40°F‒140°F, 0% ‐ 99% RH (relative humidity)
¹ Rated capacity and Energy Factor test done and current draw measured in accordance with AHAM DH-1 2008 at 80°F/60% RH inlet air at 0.0 E.S.P. (external static pressure) for 1800 series models.
² Height does not include casters. Width excludes the filter doors, and length excludes the duct collars.


• Controls: ¹ Built-in digital control with LCD display ²
• Control Mounting Option: Top only
• Air Discharge Orientation: Horizontal or vertical air discharge
• Inlet and Outlet Duct Size 10"
• Backdraft Damper at Outlet: 10"
• 8' Power Cord Plug Type: 3‐prong, grounded
• Discharge Air Temperature Rise: 10°F‒30°F
• Coil Corrosion Resistance: E-coated Coil
• Drain Connection: 3/4" PVC
(threaded adapter and barbed fitting for clear drain tubing, plus 5' of clear drain tubing included)
• Warranty: 5 Years
¹ Built-in Automatic Control capable of being set up for dehumidification, and can also be set up for zoning.
² The Model 1850F can also be wired to Aprilaire's optional Model 76 Wall Mounted Control, which allows you to control the humidity level from any convenient area in your home (available directly from Aprilaire by calling 1.800.334.6011).


• System Configuration Options: Designed for ducting in basements, to HVAC system in mechanical closet, or to whole home without an air handler
• Air Cycling: Not applicable
• Ventilation: Not applicable
• HVAC fan on with dehumidifier: When ducting return to return (preferred), the dehumidifier must be wired to turn on the HVAC fan when operating
• Dehumidifier lockout with A/C call (field setting): Not applicable
• Fault Diagnostic: Yes ‐ with self-diagnostics ¹
¹ Diagnostic codes are displayed on the control panel LCD.

Location and Operation:

  • Before using your dehumidifier, please read the owner's manual, which can be viewed on the Owner's Manual tab.

  • The Model 1852 is a freestanding unit that comes with casters for ease in locating and moving the dehumidifier.

First-Time Use:

  • When using the 1850F for the first time, set the on-board control to 55% RH (relative humidity), and allow the dehumidifier to run at this setting before changing to your desired setting.

  • Please note that for first-time use, it is not uncommon for the dehumidifier to run for an extended period to collect the moisture that has accumulated in your home.

  • The dehumidifier collects moisture from the air, not from surfaces. Still, as the air dries out, surfaces such as walls and furnishings will release moisture into the air where that moisture will be then dehumidified.

Automatic Moisture Detection Sampling:

  • The Model 1852 includes an internal control that automatically turns on the dehumidifier's internal blower for 3 minutes once per hour to measure the air's humidity level. If the air's humidity level is higher than your humidity set point, the dehumidifier will turn on until the humidity level drops below your setting.


  • Ducting in basements
  • Ducting to HVAC System in Mechanical Closet
  • Ducting to Whole Home without an Air Handler


  • Filter – With proper care, the washable filter is designed to last for up to 5 years.
    • Complete instructions for removing and cleaning the filter can be found in the Owner's Manual.
    • Check and clean the filter every 6 months by flushing with warm water and a mild liquid detergent.
    • As a reminder, the control panel will display CLEAN FILTER every 6 months. To reset the service message, press and simultaneously hold the UP and DOWN arrows for 3 seconds.
    • Should you require a replacement filter, please order Replacement Filter #5499 by contacting Aprilaire at 1.800.334.6011.

  • Drain:
    • Check the drain annually to ensure no air lock or blockages exist in the system. If the unit does not drain properly, contact a licensed professional for help.
Note: Aprilaire dehumidifiers, including the Model 1852, are not designed to be used in pool areas or where excessive airborne chemicals are present. Airborne chemicals can degrade and eventually corrode the dehumidifier's components. Aprilaire indicates there are manufacturers who make dehumidifiers expressly for use in pool areas.

Click here to view the Owner's Manual for the Aprilaire Model 1852 95-Pint, Free-Standing Dehumidifier.

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