CitriSafe Air Treatment Refill Cartridge 4 oz.

CitriSafe Air Treatment Refill Cartridge works in the CitriSafe Air Treatment Solution Cabinet to naturally dispense botanically based extracts in treatment of mold and other harmful contaminants.
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This product provides relief from: Mold & Mildew

Genuine replacement CitriSafe Refill Cartridges made expressly for use in the CitriSafe Mold Air Purifier dispenser cabinet. Refill cartridges contain 4 fl. oz. of botanical extracts that work to remove airborne mold spores and other contaminants in rooms. The odor-free, all-natural formulation consists of a concentrate made from citrus and vegetable extracts, and contains no chemicals or harmful ingredients. Use in rooms where you spend the most time to experience the wonderful benefits of CitriSafe.

Each CitriSafe Mold Air Treatment Refill Cartridge:

  • Is made to perfectly fit the CitriSafe Air Purifier dispenser cabinet (sold separately)
  • Contains 4 fl. oz. of a bio-balancing concentrate made from citrus and vegetable extracts
  • Includes one (1) wick strip

CitriSafe is suggested for those who...

  • Are allergic to molds and mildew
  • Suffer from environmental illness (EI)
  • Have multiple chemical sensitivities (MCS)
  • Have chronic or fungal sinusitis
  • Want an effective, chemical-free alternative for the traditional air treatment products currently available


CitriSafe is made from a safe, odorless and all-natural concentrate of citrus and vegetable extracts.

Installation Instructions:

  1. Remove front cover of your CitriSafe Air Purifier dispenser and remove empty cartridge and adjustable tray.
  2. Slide the paper-protected wick strip out from under the new cartridge can's ring tab and momentarily set aside.
  3. Open new refill cartridge by slowly pulling the ring tab at top until fully open.
  4. Fold one wick strip in half, placing the two free ends into can and allowing the loop to extend approx. 3/4" high out of the opening of the can.
  5. For enhanced air treatment, raise the wick height.
  6. Carefully place opened cartridge onto the dispenser's adjustable tray.
  7. Carefully slide the tray back into the dispenser unit so that top of cartridge is about 1/2" below the interior fan.
  8. Snap dispenser front cover back into place.

Important Things to Remember:

  1. Do not use near exhaust fans or over doors.
  2. Always remove the CitriSafe cartridge and the dispenser's adjustable tray when changing batteries.
  3. Because CitriSafe cartridges contain a liquid, manufacturer recommends wall mounting the dispenser unit. However, if you choose to place unit on a hard surface, be sure to select a spot where it will not be tipped over, to avoid messy spills.
  4. Do not use CitriSafe Mold Air Purifier cartridge in conjunction with an Ionic Room Air Purifier because they cancel each other out, making both ineffective in the same room.