ImmunoLytics Mold Test Kit

ImmunoLytics Mold Test Kit helps you to discover mold in your air at home or at work so you can eliminate it. The Mold Test Kit comes with 2 mold test plates, free analysis by a reputable U.S. laboratory, online results, and more.
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This product provides relief from: Mold & Mildew

Identifing the kind of mold and how much mold you have is the first step in fighting mold in your home or work environment. Easy to use mold tests by ImmunoLytics, and show you exactly which mold types and concentrations are in the air you are breathing. Once the test is complete and you send in your samples, you will receive a complete analysis and online report including color photos of what grew on your test plates. You will also have the added benefit of a free phone consultation if you need further help or advice. The ImmunoLytics Mold Test Kit explains this in detail, plus everything else about the test that you will need to know.

The Mold Test Kit ships directly from ImmunoLytics, and comes to you with two test plates and full instructions. Additional individual plates are available separately for purchase, if needed.

What You Get when You Choose ImmunoLytics for Mold Testing:

  • A reputable laboratory chosen by more doctors, pharmacists and environmentalists nationwide to analyze mold samples as a step towards a healthier life
  • Two (2) mold test plates ‒ one test plate per area to be tested, up to 12 sq. ft. each
  • Fast shipping to you (see Ship Info tab for details)
  • Easy-to-use instructions
  • Free laboratory analysis
  • Online results
  • Free telephone consultation


Detailed instructions will also be provided by ImmunoLytics with the delivery of your order.

Click here to view the Instruction Guide for the ImmunoLytics Mold Testing kit.

The ImmunoLytics Mold Test Kit is shipped directly from the manufacturer by first class mail.

Expedited air shipment is not available.


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Immunolytics is the mold testing company I recommend for initial testing of suspected mold contamination in buildings, automobiles and on furniture, fabrics, pets, game trophies, etc. I have used other mold culture dishes purchased from hardware stores, but the Citrasafe Certified mold culture dish, used by Immunolytics Lab, is the only one which I have seen grow mold cultures from air samples. I have successfully grown mold from game trophies, drywall dust, a truck carpet and shower wall, using the Citrasafe Certified mold culture dishes. I especially enjoyed talking with JW Biava, at Immunolytics, about the identification of the Aspergillus, Penicillium, Cladosporium, Microsporium, Trichoderma Alternaria, and Mucor molds which Immunolytics identified growing on the plates, which I sent them for Identification. Immunolytics is aware of the latest treatments for mold affected patients, pets, buildings and automobiles. I was especially impressed that they work with Citrasafe Certified and are working on a portable GC analytical instrument, which could identify gaseous mold mycotoxins, in buildings. I wish I knew how to upload a photo of some of the mold cultures grown on the Citrasafe Certified culture dishes, used by Immunolytics. Check your pets, homes, offices, automobiles and game trophies for hidden mold with the Immunolytics mold test
The instructions for using this kit were clear and detailed. The plates were easy to use, and easy to secure and ship. While I have not yet received the results from the tests, I feel that this company will provide a useful and thorough analysis of the two areas tested.