Miele IntensiveClean Type Z Vacuum Bags - Box of 5

For Powerhouse Uprights - Miele Type Z IntensiveClean Vacuum Bags give an extra level of filtration to Miele S170i‒S185 Powerhouse uprights. Type Z bags trap and retain dirt, dust, and allergens, and are designed for allergen-free disposal.  Box includes five (5) Miele Type Z bags, one (1) pre-motor filter, and one (1) AirClean exhaust filter.
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Works with Models:  Miele Powerhouse Uprights S176i, S177i, S179i, S183 , S184, and S185

Miele Type Z IntensiveClean™ Vacuum Bags The Z vacuum bag not only captures dirt, dust, and allergens, but also reduces allergy‐inducing dust emissions. Three‐ply, random‐spun fibers trap and retain more particles than conventional paper bags, while maintaining the vacuum's suction power, even as the bag fills. Type Z IntensiveClean™ give an extra level of filtration to Miele S170i‒S185 Powerhouse uprights (models listed below).

Type Z bags also have ultrasonically welded seams to prevent leaks and extend the use of the bag. A protective foil protects against punctures. The large 4.9‐quart bag size requires less frequent bag changes and waste. The bag's unique self‐locking shutter means you're never exposed to allergens while removing or handling the bag. A finger‐grip removal tab makes bag replacement easy and hygienic.  Box includes 5 Miele Type Z IntensiveClean™ dustbags, 1 pre‐motor filter, and 1 AirClean exhaust filter.

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  • Miele Type Z IntensiveClean™ bags provide excellent cleaning results with better filtration and more airflow
  • Captures more particles and allergens than conventional bags without compromising suction power
  • Self‐locking shutter automatically shuts when removing dustbag to prevent escape of dust and allergens
  • Impact protection foil protects bag from punctures by sharp objects
  • 4.9‐quart large capacity means fewer bag changes
  • Change bag when vacuum's dustbag indicator turns yellow (Powerhouse models) or red (Powerhouse Plus models)
  • Type Z bags fit Miele S170i‒S185 Powerhouse uprights, including:
    • S176i Powerhouse
    • S177i Powerhouse
    • S179i Powerhouse Plus
    • S183 Powerhouse
    • S184 Powerhouse
    • S185 Powerhouse Plus

Please click on a link below to view the Owner's Manual for the Miele Powerhouse upright vacuum that uses Miele IntensiveClean™ Z Vacuum Bags.


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