Quick Bath Cat Cleansing Wipes 10-Count Pack

Groom your cat without a bath. Quick Bath Pet Wipes gently cleanse, condition and help reduce shedding and cat dander.
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This product provides relief from: Pet Dander

Cats produce copious amounts of allergenic particles called dander. Quick Bath Pet Wipes for Cats makes it easier to wipe off cat dander, dried saliva and the Fel d1 allergen from your cat's coat so it doesn't get into the air you breathe. These easy-to-use pet wipes are specially treated with cleansing and antiseptic agents that are safe and gentle for cats. Plus, Quick Bath Pet Wipes soften and moisturize your cat's skin with vitamins A and E, plus aloe vera. Reducing cat dander couldn't be easier!  Resealable package contains 10 alcohol-free wipes (5" x10" each).

Quick Bath Cleansing Wipes for Dogs also available (sold separately).


  • Complete cat care in one convenient wipe
  • Helps reduce shedding, cat dander, and the cat-related allergies they trigger
  • Gently cleanses, conditions and grooms your cat without a bath
  • Patented formula provides better absorption
  • Safe and effective – no alcohol, pH neutral
  • Wipes are extra thick & heavy duty
  • Comes in a handy, resealable pouch with 10 folded wipes (5" x 10" each)
  • 4-month supply


Purified water, hair and skin cleansers and conditioners, emulsifiers, antiseptic and preservatives, anti-foam agent, vitamins A and E, fragrance, aloe vera and pH controller.

Use Quick Bath Pet Wipes twice the first week then every two weeks thereafter.


Rated 3.73 out of 5 based on 4 reviews.

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October 21
Purr-fect way to keep kitties clean and feeling good to the touch and a little pick me up for the cat too. No smells and does not leave a wet residue.
I am using this product on my 3 dogs and they enjoy it. Their hair is shiny and combs easier now. My dogs sit still for me with this product. Makes my life easier. Thanks!
I have a cat and as you may know they don't take kindly to water. This doesn't work as well as a bath with shampoo would but I do not end up covered in scratches! It is not a cure, I am still allergic to my furry bundle of joy. This is more like a compromise so we can live together more peacefully ha, ha!
Another thing to clog landfill. And do not put in toilets - wipes even if claimed to be biodegradable aren't. At least in our lifetime.