Safeguard Replacement 20-36" Window Filter Cartridge 7" Tall


Replacement Safeguard Window Filter Cartridge is 7" tall and adjusts from 20" to 36" wide to replace the filter that comes in the Safeguard Style #736 Adjustable Window Screen Filter. The window screen that filters allows allergic people to finally keep their double-hung windows open and enjoy pollen-free air.  Package includes one (1) filter cartridge.

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Works with Models:   Safeguard 20-36" Adjustable Window Filter 7" Tall - Style #736

When it's time for a change - Safeguard 20-36" Replacement Filter Cartridge 7" Tall - Part # VC736, replaces the expandable filter cartridge that comes in the Safeguard 7" Tall Window Filter, Style #736. A Safeguard window filter lets people allergic to pollen open their windows and enjoy pollen-free air. The filter keeps out dirt and dust, and is 94% efficient at trapping ragweed pollen. Coated, baffled filter slows down incoming air to increase filtration efficiency, while reducing outside noise and keeping out wind, rain and snow, all in one easy-to-change filter. Replace filter every year or when it becomes discolored due to particle collection.  Package includes one (1) Safeguard 20-36" Adjustable Filter Cartridge 7" Tall.


  • Unique window filter ideal for people allergic to pollen
  • 94% effective at capturing ragweed pollen
  • Also traps dust, dirt, soot and ash
  • Keeps out wind, rain and snow
  • Baffled filter design made of durable poly-fiber
  • Easy installation using just a Phillips head screwdriver
  • Change filter cartridge once a year, depending on conditions

Filter Cartridge Replacement

Click here to view full instructions for replacing the Filter Cartridge in Safeguard Window Filters.

Click here Certified AFTL Performance Testing for Safeguard Window Filters .


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April 27
I have the same type of screen from Gracious Home which I have had for years now - and wanted to replace one of them. The one supplied by National Allergy supply was too small and was not of the same quality as the old ones I have. It is too bad Gracious Home is no longer around.
FRESH AIR! I put a small fan near mine. It also allows the window to be open on rainy days. I put a strip of foam above & below mine for a tighter, more stable fit. This is a WONDERFUL product for those of us who hate a stuffy air-tight house. I actually prefer the 7" (no longer available!) it seems more stable in the closed sash window and is easier to "get it right" quickly but the 11" works well too. The 7" is less likely to blow in during strong wind gusts but I bought 2 11" ones and I'm satisfied. (I've sometimes taped them on VERY blustery days) They're not perfect, but I wouldn't want to go through oak pollen season w/o them. I highly recommend them.
Easy to use and install. I live in an apartment near a busy avenue. I would get black soot all over my windows and my floors would get dirty so fast. I would close the windows during the day time when I'm not home. With the filter, I feel much more comfortable now leaving the windows open all day. It is a plus when you don't have to worry about rain getting in. It does reduce air flow but you can use a fan to help.
THIS thing is a blessing. I had the idea and was duct taping a standard high filtration furnace filter into my window, however couldn't close window and once wet needed replacing. This item cures all that. True it does restrict airflow to a degree but a small window fan mounted aft of it cures that. Even without the fan nice fresh air indeed does circulate into the room. It does its job nicely stopping all the pollen and dust. Easy to remove or move to another window, has a nice fat seal all around so it seals nicely. I wish I had one in every window. The next best thing to an open window without the pollen great product!! 110%
I love fresh air and open windows, but my husband has extremely bad allergies. So I have lived with a stuffy house for years. Then I discovered these window screens. We have had them for a few weeks now and they are perfect. I finally have some fresh air! They work as described and stay nice and secure in our windows even with our wind tunnel. It has been pouring here this week and no water had seeped through. I will likely buy more of these.
We appreciate this filtered screen SO MUCH! Fresh air and no pollution, dust AND privacy! :) A wonderful invention. Thank you! We have been using filter screens for many years. Very helpful for us I highly recommend these screens to people.
I can have fresh air!!! I canNOT imagine living without these filters! I have them on all my windows... now I can have fresh air. They do restrict air flow some, as others have said, and you need to buy the replacements at least yearly (they get clogged). Worth every cent. And I can leave my windows open in the rain! I recommend them to everyone.
I can have the window open while they are cutting the grass outside and the smell does not come in and I do not start sneezing or having a runny nose. I love the screens.
Product is made well and better than I expected!
Pro's: Easy to extend, smooth operation, quality construction and great filtration. Con's: For me the air flow was reduced too much but this for some could be a plus.
Sturdy construction. Fits fairly well into window grooves, if it were a fraction thinner it would be a perfect fit. Some of my windows are only 24 inches wide. The filter is doubled up for most of the window. This blocks a quite a bit of air flow. My widows that were wider got much more air flow through. The screens allowed me to enjoy open windows, fresh air and no allergy symptoms. I plan on buying more.