SinuPulse Elite Sinus Irrigation System

SinuPulse Elite® Nasal Irrigation System is the most advanced irrigation system on the market. SinuPulse Elite® system is designed to delivers both a thorough cleansing pulsating rinse and a micronized pulsating moisturizing mist spray for natural sinus symptom relief. SinuPulse is doctor recommended for the treatment of allergic rhinitis, sinusitis, post nasal drip, and sinus infections.
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This product provides relief from: Sinus Trouble

The Benefits of SinuPulse System:

SinuPulse Elite® Advanced Nasal Irrigation System can bring you soothing symptom relief when you need it without the irritating rebound effect of over-the-counter nasal sprays. Allergists and Ear, Nose, and Throat doctors recommend nasal irrigation for the treatment of allergy symptoms, sinusitis, post nasal drip, infections, and sinus headaches. Whether you suffer regularly or seasonally from sinus problems, the quiet to operate, full featured and simple to use, the SinuPulse Elite® truly sets a new standard for excellence in nasal irrigation and natural sinus symptom relief.  2-Year Mfr. Limited Warranty.

Why SinuPulse Elite?

  • Patented technology is the first and only nasal irrigation system designed to deliver both a thorough, cleansing pulsating rinse and a micronized, pulsating moisturizing mist spray for doctor-recommended rinses or solutions (see above video for a brief demo).

  • Developed and engineered in Switzerland as the most advanced nasal irrigation system in the world.

  • EZ-touch push button on handle to pause and adjust the flow of water puts control at your fingertips.

  • 700ml high-capacity water tank requires less refills with measurement scale for effortless mixing.

  • Many features designed to suit the needs of your whole family.

  • So simple and easy to use. Just add the included SinuAir® saline mix to warm water, pour into the reservoir, and press the start button.
Note: It is recommended that sterile, distilled, filtered (0.2 micron filter) or previously boiled water (cooled to lukewarm, room or body temperature) be used in irrigation devices to prevent the introduction of impurities into the nasal and sinus passages.

What Comes with the SinuPulse Elite?

    The system comes complete with the SinuPulse Elite irrigator, four (4) tips, including two (2) sinus irrigator tips (one atomizer mist spray /one cleansing irrigation), and two (2) throat tips (one atomizer mist spray /one cleansing irrigation). Also included are 30 packets of SinuAir® specially formulated saline powder, plus health tips from nationally recognized physician and best selling author of Sinus Survival, Dr. Rob Ivker.
The SinuPulse Elite® features state-of-the-art technology that includes:
  • Swiss design and engineering.

  • Dual-spray operation featuring micronized pulsating mist spray and cleansing pulsating rinse operation.

  • Fully variable stepless pressure control.

  • Intellipulse™ calibrated pulse rate.

  • Micro Touch On/Off button with electronic LED display.

  • 30 packets of SinuAir® formulated powdered saline mix.

  • Hypoallergenic design.

  • Quiet operation.

  • EZ-touch push button control on handle.

  • 360° tip rotation with lock and tip release for greater comfort and control.

  • Hi-capacity water tank with hygienic cover and measurement scale.

  • FDA Registered, UL and CE approved.

  • Sinus treatment tips from Dr. Robert Ivker, best selling author of Sinus Survival.

Ingredients - SinuAir® Formulated Saline Powder:

Sodium Chloride, Sodium Bicarbonate, Potassium Chloride, Calcium Chloride.

Directions for Use:

    Please see Owner's Manual tab for complete setup, use and care instructions for the SinuPulse Elite® SP100 Irrigation System.

Important Note:

    It is recommended that sterile, distilled, filtered (0.2 micron filter) or previously boiled water (cooled to lukewarm, room or body temperature) be used in irrigation devices to prevent the introduction of impurities into the nasal and sinus passages.

Reimbursement Information:

    The SinuPulse Elite® May Be Insurance Reimbursable! Please click below for a form that you can print, have your doctor fill out, and send directly to your insurance provider along with a copy of your National Allergy Supply invoice showing product purchase.
    Click here for a Certificate of Medical Necessity.

Click here to view the User Guide and Instructions for the SinuPulse Elite® SP100.


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July 13
Very good product. Seems to be well made.
The little white stopper button over the drain occasionally needs to be readjusted to allow a good water flow into the base. This is the best machine I have used! The pump is enclosed so it doesn't corrode with the salt water like my other one did. I have worn out my on/off switch and probably need to get a new machine! Yes, the top cover does not fit well on the water basin but I only use that to keep out the dust.
I love my SinuPulse. I received it as a gift and thought I would never use it. After constant struggles with frequent sinus infections and allergies, I was at my wits end so I finally tried the SinuPulse and was amazed at how much better I felt almost immediately. Since using it, I have not had a single sinus infection and that annoying post nasal drip is a thing of the past. I only wished I had tried it sooner. I recommend it highly.
This is the second SinuPulse irrigator I've owned only because I "fried" the original one in Italy by not using the correct electrical converter. I tried to make do with other irrigators but they didn't do the job. This one thoroughly rinses my sinuses & is easy to use & clean, & doesn't spray water all over my clothes & counter like others do. It's a little high-priced but it's worth paying more for the job it does.
I replaced a 5 year old system which combined a water-toothpick machine with a sinus irrigation tip--and found that the SinuPulse Elite Nasal Irrigation System was immediately more effective, and considerably more comfortable and less noisy.