Ultra Microfiber High Duster

Ultra Microfiber High Duster can be used as a ceiling duster, fan duster, cabinet duster, beam duster, and much more!
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This product provides relief from: Dust Allergies

The Ultra Microfiber High Duster proves that having the right tool can make any job a whole lot easier. We all know this to be especially true when it comes to dusting inconvenient spots like the ones above your head and out of reach. The ultra microfiber high duster can be used as a ceiling duster, fan duster, cabinet duster, pipe duster, you name it. The 21" dusting paddle bends at any point, then straightens back out. Add the three 19½" extensions, and the duster reaches almost 80". Extensions fit together bayonet-clip style to form a sturdy hold that allows you to dust without strain.

The Ultra Microfiber High Duster comes with:

  • One (1) 21" dusting paddle
  • Three (3) 19½" extensions
  • Four (4) 17" x 2½" washable microfiber pads


  • Gets to so many of those overhead and hard-to-reach areas without needing a ladder or stool
  • 21" dusting paddle bends at any point you need it to (like when dusting ceiling fans) then straightens out again
  • Add up to three 19½" extensions, for a total reach of almost 80"
  • Lightweight and easy to use, yet very sturdy
  • Microfiber pads grab and hold dust, so it doesn't disperse into the air
  • Reusable, easy-to-change dusting pads are long wearing, even after repeated washings

Use Instructions:

Please follow the instructions that come with the product.

General on Care of Ultra Microfiber High Duster Pads:

  • These pads have an excellent laundering record. Commercial and industrial users have reported up to 100-200 washings, with the Microfiber pads still looking great and working well.

  • Pads can be laundered by hand or in your washer. Medium wash and dry temperatures recommended.

  • While the use of bleach or heavy chemicals is not recommended, commercial users have reported the pads do hold up well for 25+ heavy-duty commercial washings.

  • Microfiber pads absorb bacteria, dust and grime in a way that a typical pad cannot. Periodic boiling for a few minutes is all that is needed to release bacteria and grime from the fabric.