Xlear Sinus Care Spray in Metered Dose 1.5-oz Bottle

Xlear®Sinus Care Spray With Xylitol is an all-natural product that helps the body's natural cleaning process wash away bacteria, molds, pollens, dander and other irritants that cause nasal congestion.
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This product provides relief from: Sinus Trouble

Over 90% of all infection-causing bacteria enter through the nose. Xlear® Nasal Spray (pronounced "Clear") is an all-natural, non-addictive nasal spray that helps the body's natural cleaning process wash away bacteria, molds, pollens, dander, and other irritants that cause nasal congestion. Xlear contains no chemical decongestants or antihistamines, which can leave sinuses and airways dry, and more vulnerable to infection and damage, if overused. Xlear® is an all-natural Xylitol and saline solution that soothes and moisturizes as it cleans. Xylitol is the ingredient that clearly sets Xlear apart from all other nasal sprays (for more information on Xylitol see the Tech Data tab).

Xlear® comes in a 1.5-oz Metered Dose Spray Bottle.  Also available in a 3-pack of 0.75-oz spray bottles (sold separately).


  • All-natural nasal spray moisturizes as it thins mucous and clears nasal passages
  • Pulls more moisture towards sinuses than just saline-based solutions
  • Contains no drying decongestants or antihistamines
  • Uses Xylitol, a natural enemy to bacteria
  • Easy-to-use metered dose bottle
  • Completely safe for all ages

Xlear products are subject to Minimum Advertised Pricing (MAP).


Purified Water, Xylitol, Saline, Grapefruit Seed Extract (preservative).

What is Xylitol?

Xylitol is a natural substance that comes from natural sources, and is completely safe for humans. In fact, the human body also produces xylitol as part of its normal metabolism process. Xlear® uses the highest quality, pharmaceutical-grade xylitol available (purity level of 99.95% or higher). Xlear uses xylitol that is made from non-GMO (non-genetically modified organism) corn fibers. Xlear contains no corn grain, and is tested to assure that no mycotoxins, corn allergens or corn proteins of any type are present in the product. Xylitol is also a substance that is clinically proven to be one of bacteria's natural enemies. While xylitol does not kill bacteria directly, it is inhospitable to the growth of many bacteria, and it has been found that acid-producing bacteria levels are greatly reduced in the presence of xylitol.

Directions for Use:

Please follow the directions provided with the product, and always read the label carefully.


  • Use at least twice a day (morning and night). Cannot be over used, so use as often as needed to cleanse the nasal passages and sinuses. Best results obtained with consistent usage.
  • Adults ‒ Simply spray 1-2 times in each nostril while inhaling deeply.
  • Children ‒ please refer to the directions provided with the product.
  • Note:  The metered nasal pump sprayer provides a precise amount of soothing spray in a fine mist.

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April 1
Love this product! Very helpful to keep my sinuses in good shape.
I tried using saline washes like netipot, but had problems due to my deviated septum. I now use XLEAR morning and night, year 'round, and as often as I like when I start to get a cold. I get fewer sinus infections now. Great product!
I have been using this for a couple years now. I works well. It saves me money from having to go and get a prescription at the doctors office.