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Tips for an Allergy-Free Household

Encase Your Bed

Doctors recommend encasings as the first step in allergen avoidance.

Clean Your House

Remove allergens, dirt, and grime with allergy-safe cleaning products.

Breathe Clean Air

Capture airborne particles for cleaner indoor air and better breathing.

Let Allergy Control Products Help You Find Allergy Relief

Since 1983, Allergy Control Products has been working hard to find effective products to offer allergy relief, sinus relief and asthma relief from the effects of indoor allergies. Founded by a doctor's wife and recommended by thousands more doctors since, Allergy Control Products’ goal is to help make allergy sufferers’ homes and lifestyles healthier and more manageable.

Starting with our innovative bed encasings and growing to our 500+ product line today, we are the original allergy products company and have helped hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers worldwide. Our ongoing mission is to offer effective quality products to our customers and support them with the best and latest education and information so they can live better and feel better every day.

We welcome you to our store and hope we can help you and your family find allergy relief from common environmental allergens.