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Since 1983, we have been working hard to find effective products to help relieve indoor allergies, provide sinus relief and ease the symptoms of asthma. Founded by a doctor's wife, and recommended by thousands more doctors since, the goal of Allergy Control Products is to help make the homes and lifestyles of allergy sufferers healthier and more manageable. Starting with our innovative bed encasings, and growing to our 500+ product line today, we are the original allergy products company, and have helped hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers worldwide. Our ongoing mission is to offer effective, quality products to our customers, and to support them with the best and latest education and information that helps them live better, healthier lives every day. We welcome you to our store, and hope we can help you and your family find relief from allergies. 

We're Here To Help

Over the years, Allergy Control has donated encasings and other allergy products to people in need through their doctors. We are very pleased to be able to help improve someone's health and quality of life. We recently received this letter from a doctor whose patient we helped:

Dear Allergy Control Products:
     Recently you kindly provided dust mite mattress & pillow covers for our patient at no cost. As you recall, he had tried everything to seek help from his allergy symptoms. The worst of his symptoms was severe eczema which held terrible social consequences for this nice teenager. 

     We would like to report that he feels greatly improved. He and his mother are so very grateful for your compassionate help with this problem. They are so pleased with the results. 

     We would like to thank you for your help and for your understanding and for your prompt action. You are more than an allergy products company and we are very thankful to you for all you've done.

We know our products make a difference, and we are so happy to be a part of helping this young man. 


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