Site Security

Our Commitment To Data Security

To prevent unauthorized access, maintain data accuracy, and ensure the correct use of information, we have put in place appropriate physical, electronic and managerial procedures to safeguard and secure the information we collect. Credit card information is encrypted and handled in accordance with payment card industry standards, such as VISA's CISP and PCI DSS.

Our website uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption to transmit any personal information you give us. When you are on a secure portion of our site, you will see an unbroken key or locked padlock somewhere in your browser window and https:// in the location/address window at the top of your browser. You can be assured that Allergy Control Products is taking the necessary steps to secure your sensitive information.

We have taken deliberate care to secure all the information we request from you, as directed by the Payment Card Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS). Although you must enter your credit card information in order to place an order on our website, you should know that we do NOT save your credit card information on the site. Once your order is fully processed, usually in just a few hours, your card number is deleted (not masked or encrypted) from our website. See our Privacy Policy for additional information regarding your personal information.

It is possible that you may see a warning stating that a certificate has expired. Every browser comes with pre-installed certificates that have expiration dates. If you should see this type of warning message, it is not a bug, nor a problem with our website. This will usually happen if you are using an older version of browser software. VeriSign, another provider of SSL encryption, has helpful FAQs explaning these root certificates. To correct this problem, your browser simply needs to be upgraded to the latest version by going to the browser company's website. For example, you can get the latest version of Internet Explorer by clicking here. If you use FireFox, click here. Please keep in mind that downloading an updated copy of your browser software will take a good bit of time and usually will require you to reboot your computer. Don't worry about losing any items that you might have already put in your shopping cart, as they will be saved for a couple of weeks. Want to know how? Keep reading.

Like the vast majority of e-commerce websites, we use "cookies" to accomplish various functions. Have you ever wondered how a site can keep track of the items that you are putting in the shopping cart without confusing it with the other people who are shopping at the same time - even when you have not entered any personal information? This is one of the main purposes of using cookies. When someone enters our site, a unique code is immediately generated that represents the visitor. That code is sent to your browser and logged with our website. So, as you put items into your shopping cart, our site is constantly matching up the code it sent to your browser so that you will have the exact items that you put in your cart and not someone else's. This is also the reason you can turn off your computer and come back to our site the next time and still have the same items in your cart as when you left.

Cookies are small pieces of "static data" that are used for a number of purposes designed for customer convenience. By static data we mean that cookies are unable to perform any operation by themselves - so they are not programs, viruses or spyware. They simply report back their value when asked. However, if you set your browser to reject cookies, usage of our site will be limited. As the above discussion illustrates, you will not be able to view the items previously added to your shopping cart, as each item added will replace the one added before it, so in these instances you will want to call us at 1.800.255.3749 to place your order. Our usage of cookies is in no way linked to any personally identifiable information while on our site, but we do use them to do things like welcome you by name the next time you shop, record what items and pages you viewed, record the use of various product and promotion codes, and log whether you have come to us from the website of one of our trusted affiliates. In addition, we use cookies to provide you with Allergy Control advertisements and promotions across various other websites, based on your web browsing behavior. Click here to learn how to enable cookies in your broswer if you are having trouble shopping on our site.

We use pixel tags, which are tiny graphic images, to tell us what parts of our site you visited or to measure the effectiveness of our marketing campaigns. Just like cookies, no personally identifiable information is obtained by our use of these helpful tools. Allergy Control may also contract with a company who uses cookies or other tools such as pixel tags to measure the performance of a marketing effort on our behalf. Under contract, these companies will not use gathered information for their own marketing purposes or share gathered information with anyone other than us.

If you have questions or comments about security, the use of "cookies," or any other issue on our website, please contact us. 

Thank you so much for shopping with us!