About Minimum Advertised Pricing (MAP)

What MAP Pricing Means For You

Some manufacturers use Minimum Advertised Pricing (MAP) to control the prices and protect the integrity of their product. All authorized dealers that sell the product must adhere to pricing set by the manufacturer. MAP products cannot be advertised lower than the manufacturer's set price. Any dealer breaking this contractual rule is subject to losing the right to sell the product. Anyone who buys the product from a dealer who is not abiding by MAP runs the risk of losing the advantage of post sale services or losing return privileges.

Minimum Advertised Pricing also protects the buyer because it means the product will not lose its value. And the buyer knows that the dealer is reputable and approved by the manufacturer.

Therefore, MAP priced products are excluded from promotions that reduce the price of an item or site-wide promotions that give either a percentage off or a dollar amount off everything. However, all MAP items contribute to the Free Ground Shipping within the contiguous U.S. offer that applies automatically to all orders of $59 or more.

MAP is a legal practice upheld by the Supreme Court and is not a violation of U.S. antitrust statutes, but there are stipulations. In a physical, brick-and-mortar store MAP products can be sold at any price and can be marked at the sale price, but the lower price cannot be advertised outside the store. For internet dealers, discounted prices cannot be displayed on the website.

Since there continues to be controversy over what is legal, Allergy Control Products chooses to follow the strict interpretation of Minimum Advertised Pricing. Products designated as MAP by the manufacturer will not be discounted on our website. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but we feel this policy is in the best interest of our customers.

Products under MAP policy sold by Allergy Control Products:

  • AIRCARE (Essick Air)
  • Airfree Air Purifiers
  • Airpura
  • Alen
  • Alkalol Company Products
  • Aprilaire
  • Athena Allergy Products
  • Austin Air Purifiers & Filters
  • Blue Spring Super Blue Stuff
  • Blueair Air Purifiers & Filters
  • Bluewater Water Purification Systems
  • Boneco
  • Crane
  • Demite Laundry Additive
  • Dri-Eaz
  • Dyson Vacuum Cleaners
  • EBAC
  • Electrolux Vacuum Cleaners
  • Eureka
  • HoMedics
  • IQAir Air Purifiers & Filters
  • Ladybug
  • Lysol Products
  • Miele Vacuums
  • Mulberry West (Nine Design)
  • Nilfisk
  • Pure-Rest
  • Rabbit Air
  • Reliable
  • Royal-Pedic Mattresses & Box Springs
  • Santa Fe
  • SEBO
  • Soniclean
  • Steamfast
  • VAPamore
  • Verilux
  • Vornado
  • Wein Purifiers & Ionizers
  • Winix
  • Xlear
  • Yala