While sheets and other linens should be washed regularly in hot water or with an allergen-removing laundry detergent, Allergy Control® encasings need only be washed once a year or when soiled. When changing bed linens, you should gently vacuum or lightly wipe the encasing clean to remove surface allergens.

To care for your encasing, please follow the instructions below:

  • Allergy Control® Cotton Performance and Pristine Complete Encasings:
    • Machine Wash HOT on Permanent Press
    • Non-chlorine Bleach can be used when needed
    • Wash with Zipper Open
    • Tumble Dry on Permanent Press Setting
    • Do Not Iron (Pristine Complete). Iron, Low Setting (Cotton Performance)
    • Do Not Dry Clean

    The above care instructions also apply to all discontinued Allergy Control® fabric-based encasings purchased in the past (such as Cotton Pure), but only non-membrane encasings.

  • BedCare Classic Encasings:
    • Machine Wash HOT once or twice a year
    • No Bleach
    • Wash with Zipper Closed
    • Tumble Dry Low
    • Do Not Iron
    • Do Not Dry Clean

    For the most part, the above care instructions also apply to all discontinued Allergy Control® membrane-style encasings purchased in the past, (such as Micro Protection), except please:

    • Wash these with the Zipper Open
    • Drip Dry or Air Setting only if Using a Dryer

    Note on Bed Bugs:

    If you have a bed bug problem and have covered your bedding in one of our encasings, then do not remove the encasing for at least 18 months. Bed bugs can lie dormant for up to 18 months, and they will resurface if the encasing is removed too early. As a preventative step, an encasing designed to be bed bug proof can help prevent bed bugs from infesting your bed. If a problem arises with dormant bed bugs recurring after you have encased the bed or if you experience a serious bed bug infestation, additional steps and professional services designed to eradicate bed bugs will likely be necessary to remove these pests from your home. To learn more about bed bugs, click here.


    • STORE all encasings with zipper open and in a safe place, out of reach of children.
    • Proper care of the encasing in accordance with these care instructions is required for coverage under our warranty.