The Basic Facts on Mold:

Molds are microscopic fungi and are made up of clusters of filaments that live on plant or animal matter, which they decompose for nourishment. Many molds reproduce by releasing spores into the air, which settle onto other organic matter and grow into new mold clusters. Mold can be found wherever there is moisture, oxygen and something organic to feed on. Since molds need moisture or water to survive, the key to combating mold is to control moisture by keeping areas dry and humidity low.

Q.  Where are molds found?

A.  Molds are present both outdoors and inside the home. Outdoor molds can be found in fallen leaves, rotten vegetation, poor drainage areas and in other shady, damp areas. Mold spores can travel through the air and come into the home. Indoor molds can grow in areas that don’t have enough ventilation or have water pooling, along with the typical warm, dark or humid areas such as showers or basements. Moisture and warmth speeds up the growth of mold on most surfaces.

Q.  What can I do to control mold inside?

A.  Since mold needs moisture to survive, increasing ventilation to keep areas dry and reducing humidity is the best route to preventing mold growth.

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