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Blueair 503 Air Purifier HEPASilent

Blueair 503 Air Purifier HEPASilent

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The Blueair 503 delivers clean air for people affected by allergies, asthma, or other respiratory concern. Using patented HEPASilent™ filtration, the Blueair 503 traps 99.97% of the tiniest 0.1 micron particles, then gently disperses clean air through top and sides to cover larger living areas.  AHAM Certified to clean air in rooms up to 580 square feet (5 air changes per hour).

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The Blueair 503 HEPASilent™ Air Purifier is a terrific choice for a larger sized area (up to 580 square feet) has developed many fans over the years. Blueair devotees report almost miraculous relief for their allergies, especially during allergy season. Those allergic to pets lavish praise on the ability of the Blueair 503 to free air of dust, dander and pet hairs. And then there are those who absolutely cannot be without the clean, crisp air that the Blueair 503 delivers for the whole family. The genius of Blueair takes center stage in the design of the Blueair 503, where the fan sits at the bottom, directing air up through unit's top vent and out through its side vents, each equipped with its own filter. Clean air is then gently dispersed with no gusty drafts over an area 6 times greater than the average air purifier. It is this level of power and performance that has earned the Blueair 503 such wide acclaim.

The credit goes to Blueair, whose sole focus is air purifiers. Its commitment to technology leadership is only surpassed by its pledge to provide cleaner, healthier air for all. Its air purifiers exist to fulfill the dual job of relieving the discomforting symptoms of allergies and asthma, while laying a path to better respiratory health for anyone. This unwavering commitment is what drives Blueair to do better, not to idly sit by, but to actively explore and implement the best clean air solutions for healthier living.

Blueair was founded in 1996 in Stockholm, Sweden, and has since helped many in need of healthier air. If you or someone in your family suffers from allergies, asthma, or other respiratory problem, a Blueair can help change your life.

What makes a Blueair a Blueair?

  • Superior Particle Filtration and Clear Air Delivery

    Blueair's patented HEPASilent™ technology uses mechanical and electrostatic filters to trap up to 6 times more dirt and particles than other brands. The 3-stage HEPASilent™ filter progressively captures 99.97% of particles down to 0.1 micron, including dust, pollen, dust mites, pet dander, mold spores, bacteria and viruses. ∗ Blueair's unique technology uses less dense filter media to achieve the same efficiency as traditional filters. Less dense filters means lower air resistance, which translates into more clean air delivered at a faster rate (with minimal noise and lower power consumption). Additionally, Blueair's filters resist clogging, so peak filter efficiency is maintained for longer periods than traditional filters. No other air purifier in this price class can offer this.

    ∗    While the HEPASilent Particle Filter also captures some light odors and gases, Blueair's optional SmokeStop™ filter (which also includes HEPASilent particle filtration) removes 98% of gases, odors and VOCs, and is recommended where removal of gaseous pollutants is a concern.

    All Blueair air purifiers are regularly tested and assigned an AHAM-Certified ¹ clean air delivery rate (CADR). The Blueair 503 has earned an AHAM-Certified CADR rating of 375, which means you can be assured the Blueair 503 delivers certifiably clean air in rooms up to 580 square feet.

  • Quiet Operation

    Blueairs are known throughout the industry as some of the quietest. The best test of that is customers, who consistently describe their Blueair as "very quiet," or "barely audible," particularly at the low and medium settings. While the units will be somewhat louder on the third speed, all Blueairs (except for the 650E) will be quieter than or nearly as quiet as all other brands at that speed.

    The larger 403, 503 and 603 Blueairs are 4-speed models. The 503 and 603 move air especially fast at speed four (the "MAX" setting), so there will be some noticeable noise difference at this setting. Bear in mind, this super-charged setting is typically only needed for short-term, quick air cleaning.

  • Ease of Use and Low Maintenance

    Blueairs come ready to be plugged in, with filter(s) included. Most models use a manual rotary dial to switch between fan speeds. The 450E and 650E models come with electronic controls and a remote. All models come with a digital countdown timer so that you know when to change the filter(s).

  • Appealing Design

    Blueairs have a sleek, uncomplicated look with crisp lines and a Swedish-styled simplicity that discretely blends in anywhere. Housings are made of a powder-coated galvanized steel for strength and durability.

  • Earth-Friendly Components

    Blueair filters use non-toxic polypropylene, which produces only water and carbon dioxide as it decomposes, and is much safer than triclosan-coated paper and glass filter fibers. Polypropylene fibers are waterproof (so inherently antimicrobial), therefore no chemical additives are needed to repel moisture. Blueair's non-toxic, powder-coated housing produces no chemical off-gassing. Blueairs are made to be long-lasting, but can be quickly dismantled and recycled at the end of their service life.

  • Low Power Consumption and Zero Ozone Emission

    All Blueairs are Energy Star® rated. Blueair's fan assemblies consume very little energy, requiring no more power than a light bulb. HEPASilent™ filter media is designed to maximize airflow through the filter, putting less strain on the motor, thereby consuming less power.

    Low electrical currents minimize ozone production, and a sealed steel housing keeps any ozone contained within the unit, actually emitting air with less ozone than incoming air. All Blueair models have been tested by the California Air Resource Board (CARB) (per tests outlined in section 37.1.2 of the Electrostatic Air Cleaner Standard, UL 867). CARB has certified each Blueair model to be compliant with the federal ozone emissions limit.

How HEPASilent Works:

  1. Air is drawn into the Blueair system via its ultra-quiet fan.
  2. Airborne particles pass through an ion chamber and are electrically charged. This causes them to adhere effortlessly to Blueair's exclusive polypropylene filters. ²
  3. Charged particles are removed in the 3-stage progressive filter. Stage 1 captures larger particles like pollen and dust. Stages 2 and 3 filter the smallest particles like bacteria and exhaust. Together, the encapsulated ion chamber and 3-stage filtration combine to create Blueair's patented HEPASilent™ technology ‐ delivering maximum airflow with minimum noise.

Blueair 503 Features:

  • AHAM Certified¹ to provide clean air in rooms up to 580 sq. ft. (5 air changes per hour)
  • Helps reduce exposure to particulates that cause allergic reaction or respiratory distress
  • HEPASilent™ particle filter (set of 3 included):
    • traps 99.97% of particles as small as 0.1 micron (even at the lowest fan speed)
    • captures 6 times more particles than traditional filters
    • removes dust, pollen, dust mites, pet dander, mold spores, bacteria and viruses
    • minimizes air flow resistance, reducing noise and power consumption
    • uses environmentally safer materials with no chemical additives
  • Optional SmokeStop™ filter includes HEPASilent™ filtration, but also removes 98% of gases, odor and VOCs
  • 4-speed rotary dial (low, medium, high, MAX)
  • Very quiet operation  (Note: the MAX power clean setting is louder)
  • Air intake (bottom & sides) and output (top & sides) maximizes delivery of filtered air
  • SurroundAir™ multi-directional air flow gently diffuses air into room, minimizing drafts and maximizing coverage
  • 182-day digital countdown timer (magnetic) with 15-day alert to replace filter
  • Easy filter changes ‐ open top, lift out filters
  • Award-winning Swedish design ‐ 26"x20"x13", 35 lbs
  • Casters (wheels) for easy portability
  • Ozone free
  • Energy Star®
  • Extended 5-Year Mfr. Limited Warranty ³

Blueair Air Purifiers and Blueair Filters are subject to Minimum Advertised Pricing (MAP).


¹ This Blueair air purifier is certified by the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM) for the Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) that has been assigned to the unit. AHAM's Portable Electric Room Air Cleaner Verification Program provides assurance to the public, through the presence of the AHAM Verification Seal, that the manufacturer's claimed CADR ratings have been independently verified in accordance with ANSI/AHAM Standard AC-1.
² The process works a little differently with the Blueair 203, where air passes through the filter first and then through the ion chamber where it is negatively ionized. Once clean air is released through the top, the ions become charged, and as they recycle back through the unit are trapped by the electrostatic filter media.
³ Blueair air purifiers come standard with a 1-Year Limited Warranty. This can be extended to 5 Years by completing and submitting the Blueair Warranty Application that comes with the product.


You could call the Blueair 503 a powerhouse of particle removal ‐ that is, if you want to think about it like so many customers do. Allergies, asthma, lung disease, sleep issues, heavy dust, construction projects ‐ you name it, and the Blueair 503 has been there, standing the test of time in near-silent air purification.

Room Size

580 sq. ft. (approx. 24' x 24')

Recommended For

Allergies, asthma, dust, pollutants, some odors, smoke and gases, overall air quality

Best Fit

Ideally suited for allergy and asthma sufferers, and those wanting better indoor air quality

True HEPA Filtration


Particle Filtration Efficiency

99.97% to 0.1 micron

Particle Removal

Dust, dust mite allergen, pollen, pet dander, mold spores, viruses, bacteria

Gas and Odor Removal

• Light odors & smoke only
• For heavier gases, odors & VOCs, choose optional SmokeStop™ filter

VOC Removal

None. Available with optional SmokeStop™ filter

Optional Filters

SmokeStop™ gas, odor and VOC filter

Unique Features / Benefits

Maximized particle filtration. Quiet operation on low/med settings. Easy filter change. Energy Star® efficiency.

CADR: Dust rating


CADR: Pollen rating


CADR: Smoke rating


ACH (air changes per hour)

5 (580 sq. ft. room)

Airflow (cubic feet per minute)

90-414 cfm

Filtration System

HEPASilent™ technology combines electrostatic and mechanical filtration in 3-progressive stages

Number of Filters to Replace

One set of 3 filters

Replace HEPA Filter

Recommend every 6 months

Replace Pre-Filter


Replace Other Filters


Dimensions (H x W x D)

26" x 20" x 13"

Color choices

Light modern gray with dark gray grilles

Product Weight

35 lbs

Packaged Weight

43 lbs

Shipping Weight

64 lbs

Noise Level - (min-max decibels)

32-66 dB(A)


Manual ‐ rotary dial

Remote Control


Number of Fan Speeds


LCD Display




Programmable Cycles or Timer


Sleep Mode


Auto Fan Mode (auto adjusts based on air quality)


Particle, Gas or VOC Detector


Filter Status Indicator

Yes ‐ Blue LED on magnetic (or handheld) 182-day countdown timer alerts 15 days before filter change needed

Filter Reset function

Yes ‐ on magnetic countdown timer

Other Indicators

On/Off blue LED

Other Features

Non-toxic filter media with no chemical additives. 100% recyclable parts.

Casters or Handles


Air Inlet

Bottom and sides

Air Outlet

SurroundAir™ ‐ top and sides

Housing Construction

Non-toxic, powder-coated galvanized steel

Fan / Motor Assembly

Not available

Energy Consumption (watts)

35 to 120 W

Power Requirements

120 V, 60 Hz

Power Plug

8.5-foot detachable power cord, 3-prong grounded plug


1.1 Amps

Energy Star®


AHAM-certified CADR


Approvals / Other Certifications

ETL, CSA, CE listed. California ARB certified.

Ozone Emission


Manufacturer's Warranty

Extended 5-Year Limited

Blueair 503 Air Purifier Instructions

Please see Owner's Manual tab for a User Manual, including full instructions on changing the filters.

General on HEPASilent™ Particle Filters:

  • The unit comes with three (3) filters.
  • Quick and easy filter change ‐ just remove top cover, slide out old filters, slide in new. No tools or disassembly required.

Resetting the Filter Replacement Indicator & Countdown Timer

  • The unit comes with a 182-day magnetic countdown timer to remind you when to change the filters.
  • The timer will alert you by its flashing LED that it's time to change the filters.
  • Press the "Snooze" button to temporarily stop the LED from flashing for 5 days.
  • After replacing the filters, press and hold the "Reset" button for 10 seconds to reset the indicator light. Counter will reset to 182 days.

Click here to view the Blueair 500 Series Air Purifier Owner's Manual, including for the Blueair 503.


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