1. Allergy Education Videos

    Learning more about allergy prevention is the best way to keep your symptoms under control. The educational videos below offer valuable information and tips on ways to lessen symptoms and find relief. Continue reading
  2. Video - The Benefits of Encasing Your Bed

    Encasing your bed is a simple, yet critical step in protecting you from dust mites, pet dander, and even bed bugs. This video explains how encasing your bed can make a big difference in your health by reducing your allergy symptoms. Continue reading
  3. Video - Dust Mite 101

    A single gram of dust can contain more than 100,000 waste particles from dust mites. A vast number of dust mites live in your bed, and it is their waste particles that cause nighttime allergy symptoms. This video will teach you about dust mites and how to stop them from triggering nighttime allergies. Continue reading
  4. Video - How to Encase Your Bed

    Want to know how to measure your mattress so that you choose the right mattress depth? Learn this, and also how to put an Allergy Control encasing on your bed by watching this short video. Continue reading
  5. Video - Reducing Allergens in Your Home

    Controlling allergens in the home is the best way to relieve indoor allergy symptoms. Taking the necessary steps to do this doesn't need to be complicated. This video outlines 6 simple steps you can take to improve indoor air quality and breathe easier. Continue reading
  6. Video - Understanding Allergies & Their Causes

    Whether you've have had allergies since childhood, developed them as you got older, or been allergy free your whole life up until now, we all wonder where our allergies came from? This video will give you some insight on both the hereditary and environmental factors that can lie at the root of your allergies. Continue reading

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