Pristine Complete Specialty Pillow Covers

Protect all your pillows and your health by choosing our Pristine® Complete Pillow Covers for ultimate allergy and bed bug protection. Pristine® Complete's fabric features the smallest 2.4-micron pore size for maximum allergy protection with a soft and supple feel. This tightly woven encasing blocks pet allergens, dust mite allergens and bed bugs.
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This product provides relief from: Dust Mites, Pet Dander

Any pillow can be a major source of allergens, Pristine® Complete Specialty Pillow Covers help you encase each and every pillow in the home. Allergy Control® Pristine® Complete Specialty Pillow Covers are are available in a Travel, Euro Square, Reading Wedge and Body Pillow sizes.

Pristine® Complete Pillow Covers not only block dust mite and pet allergens, but also provide you with proven protection against bed bugs! At 2.4 microns, our Pristine Complete protective covers are the "best of the best," featuring the smallest pore size to give you maximum allergy protection along with a soft and supple feel. Even ultra-fine dust mite and pet allergens are blocked by this tightly woven cover.

The 100% polyester microfiber Pristine® Complete fabric is breathable, wicking away any moisture for a comfort and the fabric's 244-thread count construction is soft and smooth to the touch. And, it's cotton-like feel is completely quiet, for the ultimate in sleeping comfort. Available in a Travel, Euro Square, Reading Wedge and Body Pillow sizes. (Pristine Complete Pillow Covers for the bed are also separately available in Standard, Queen and King pillow sizes). Package contains one (1) Pristine® Complete Specialty Pillow Cover.

Pristine® Complete is made in the U.S.A. The superior quality construction includes a YKK zipper and flaps at the zipper area to further block allergen particles. Includes a Lifetime Warranty.

Allergy Control® Pristine® Complete Pillow Cover::

  • Block dust mite allergens, pet dander and bed bugs
  • 2.4-micron pore size, for "best of the best" in allergen protection
  • Breathable 100% polyester microfiber provides a supple, cotton-like feel
  • Made in the U.S.A. with superior quality construction
  • YKK zipper and bound seams
  • Zipper flaps prevent leakage of allergens
  • Antimicrobial treatment inhibits mold and mildew
  • Latex free
  • Lifetime Warranty

For complete protection for your bed, combine the Pristine® Complete Pillow Covers with a Pristine® Complete Mattress Cover and a Pristine® Complete Comforter Cover.

Pristine® is a registered trademark of Precision Fabrics Group.

Care Instructions for Allergy Control® Pristine® Complete Covers:

Just slip the encasing over your pillow and zip closed for complete allergen and bed bug protection. Encase only clean, dry bedding.
  • Allergy Control® Pristine® Complete pillow protective covers need only be washed once a month or when soiled. Vacuum or wipe clean periodically.
  • Machine Wash Hot (60° C)
  • Non-chlorine Bleach can be used, if needed
  • Wash with zipper open
  • Tumble Dry, Permanent Press setting
  • Do NOT Iron
  • Do NOT Dry Clean
For bed bug protection, leave protective cover on for 18 months. To remove allergens in any wash temperature (including hot), choose an allergy friendly detergent. Covers should be stored with zipper closed and out of reach of small children.