Advanced HEPA+ Replacement Pre-Filter

Genuine Advanced HEPA+ Pre-Filter replaces the outer pre-filter that comes with the Advanced HEPA+ air purifier. This is the large particle pre-filter that can be seen through the sides of the purifier. Available in white. Package contains one (1) Pre-Filter.
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Works with Models:  Advanced HEPA+ Air Purifier

Genuine Advanced HEPA+ Pre-Filter replaces the pre-filter that comes with the Advanced HEPA+ air purifier. Long-life pre-filter traps large-sized particles that can easily be seen with the eye during the first stage of a 4-stage filtration process. In performing this role, the pre-filter helps to prolong the life of the inner filters, especially the HEPA filter. Pre-Filter lasts for years, under normal operating conditions and with regular care.  Package contains one (1) Pre-Filter.


  • Pre-Filter captures large-sized particles, like dust, hair, soot, and pet dander
  • Protects the life of the HEPA and other inner filters
  • Lasts for years with proper care, under normal conditions
  • Designed to be vacuumed from outside of unit to avoid costly 3-month filter changes
  • Fits the Advanced HEPA+ air purifier
  • Available in black or white to match your unit

Care Instructions:

  • Clean the pre-filter when dirty, simply vacuum the outside grille of the air purifier with the brush attachment of your vacuum on a monthly basis to reduce surface build-up and prolong the life of the pre-filter.

  • The pre-filter can last for years with regular cleaning, although replacing annually is an option for the cleanest air. Either way, this pre-filter avoids regular filter changes often required with other air purifiers, for cost savings and long-term value.

Changing the Pre-Filter:

  • Please see Owner's Manual tab for instructions on filter changes.

Click here for a one-page set of instructions on filter changes for the Advanced HEPA+ Air Purifier.